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Samuel Ouma

Samuel Ouma is an enthusiastic communication and media personnel…

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Olumide Oyekunle

Olumide Oyekunle is an author listed on Amazon, resource person…

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Lovely Ediakhe Richard

I am a professional journalist with HND and a PGD in view, with…

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Ehiogie West Idahosa 3 Our Team
Ehiogie West Idahosa

Hon. Ehiogie West-Idahosa is a Nigerian lawyer, politician and a…

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Erasmus Ikhide

Erasmus Ikhide is a journalist, communication specialist,…

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Trevor Olakunle

Trevor Oluwole is a reporter for Naija Center News. He covers Oyo…

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Nkem Ndem

Nkem Ndem is a dynamic freelance writer and editor who can be…

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Israel Ebije

Former Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Niger State at…

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Inibehe Effiong

Constitutional Lawyer / Human Rights Activist /Enemy of…

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Ehi Ekhator 2 Our Team
Ehi Ekhator

Ekhator Ehi is a teacher, a reporter/journalist and a political…

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