My ugly experience on Facebook (Real story)

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It was a dismal and hard experience yet I learned my lesson. My name is Bukola and I live in Lagos

Everything began on the day Oluwole headed out to Abuja to honour the invitation of a couple who was celebrating their child's birth. The couple was exceptionally cheerful in light of the fact that they have held up for 8 years without a child.

Without faltering, Oluwole flew to Abuja; he got there and was welcomed, then wanted to lodge in a nearby hotel, but the couple thought it was wise to give him a settlement and acquainted him with their companion, Andy. They pleaded with him to suit my fiance and he concurred without faltering.

Oluwole went with him and shockingly, strolled into a room full of my pictures. He was stunned and serenely asked 'who is this babe?' 'oh that is my gurl, you like?' Andy answered.

'she is extremely beautiful' my fiance replied, and asked him how he met me. He let him know we met in a bus and we had been dating for three years. He additionally said I was a great cook and I acquired him N20,000 watch to begged him when we had an argument. He included that he had met my parents when he visited Port Harcourt.

His certainty in demonstrating all these set my life partner (Oluwole ) on fire, he was uncomfortable and desperate in the meantime; yet to be exceptionally certain, he requested that he invite me to cook dinner since I was a great cook. Anyhow Andy tranquilly said I live in Port Harourt, and I do visit sometimes.

I received a telephone call from my Oluwole asking for me to come to Abuja immediately, I didn't have an inkling what was occurring however he sounded earnest and exasperated. I got deferred on the grounds that I didn't get ticket as arranged so I departed the following night. He picked me up and let me know he had a surprise for me; he took me to the couple's home and requested that I hold up. This time I was going through my head wondering what was going on, the odd disposition and shock that I couldn't  grasp; I stayed there until he returned.

Oluwole likewise headed off to Andy and let him know he had surprise for him, he let him know that his angelface (me) was around. 'what babe?' he asked. Oluwole told him his darling in Port Harcourt. At first, Andy thought he was kidding; I walked in at the same time. I could see how shocked he was, his heart fled from him and you could see the humiliation he had brought on himself.

My pictures in his sitting room and bedroom were about 12. He sat down and couldn't say a word. You understood how you felt at that point you were a child and pee on your mattress then your mother teased you with it in the presence of your companions? That was the way he was; he was like a cheat caught in the act. Obviously he was caught in the act. Be that as it may he didn't have an inkling what to say and sat down stunned.

I strolled towards him and inquired as to whether we had met. He said no, and it would be wise to know what number of my portraits in his house and how he got every one of them, he let me know he downloaded them from my collection on Facebook. He made expansive duplicates of some and others in left in his album.

My life partner turned to me and said " Bukky, I require you to deactivate your Facebook" I could see the annoyance and desire in his eyes. That was the first occasion when I perceived fear of losing me in his eyes. It was extremely funny but no one was laughing. What irritated my fiance more was the pictures; he continued saying how he didn't have up to 12 pictures of me in his house and why somebody had more than that?

He requested Andy to remove all my portraits from his room and living room; every living soul around begged my man. He took his collection and looked through; In his laptop, Oluwole discovered about 120 pictures of mine and grouchily erased everything.

What frightened me generally was that I had never talked with Andy; he had never made proper acquaintance with me, People were there and they all tongue lashed him.

Andy is 37 years of age and he is single and not into any relationship. I wondered how many Andys' on my Facebook record. I sobbed not simply for myself however for Andy and what he may have been going through, the way everybody conversed with him and made fun of him. I couldn't control my man outrage as he was exceptionally frustrated over everything.

Oluwole is frightened now that he may lose me to Facebook or web individuals one day. He requested that I deactivate my Facebook, I have been using the profile since 2009, and it hurts to let go; so I updated the profile to a Fan page, and he demanded I deactivate it totally.

As i was about to leave the following day,  Andy pleaded with my fiance to allow him hug me, he did with so much sadness on his face.

I understood that there are numerous men out there who have an undying love for a lady they have never approached, a lady who they take a look at each day yet not man enough to walk towards her. I additionally understood that what Andy did was what he wished and had needed yet he barely saw his dream of his undetectable wife destroyed in his face.

Presently we have three individuals here. What might you have done in the event that you were Andy, Oluwole or me?

This story is real and the names utilized are not true on the grounds that Bukky asked that NCN keep the true names off record

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