Nigeria: The Tale of a Wicked Father

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A father has 36 children and one adopted child making 37 in total. They are all grown ups, above 25 years of age. Every month those children keep crying like babies to their father who is now 60 years.

Baba is weak, tired and broke but he desires to see his grown-up children begging for money and food from him every month. The money isn't sufficient for the children, they keep spending on the same things or projects.

They will never be satisfied and matured. The children are having more children with population increase and new 'bukatas', are emerging and piling up. Their father must take care of security, school, electricity, health and there are so many departments that must be attended to in the house.

The father is dying gradually but he desires that his children continue to be beggars, not prospering. Those children are not free, they're not liberated and they have remained unproductive. It is a shame to have 30 year old children in their parent's house depending on money for clothe and asking, "Daddy, what are we going to eat this morning?" But this Daddy doesn't see anything wrong with that. He will borrow money still to cater for his children's welfare. He's not ashamed. What a father.

None of the father's children can provide electricity for their own families, they need to rely on the national grid. This Daddy is wicked. He will soon die and live nothing for his children.

Rather than set them up and allow them prosper in their own way, he is frustrating their destinies. The children are now handicapped and retarded like special children who can't think on their own. Ah! Our daddy is wicked.

Unfortunately, some of the children are so in love with their beggarly state. They think the father is doing them good with his monthly allowance. The children are even divided now.

Some of them prefer an umbrella to run than run for shelter in the rain. They're even laughing discomfortly in the rain. They can’t get out, they are children without hope.

They will drag like this until they become conscious of the sad truth that their dad is feeding them with the food of infirmity. Let all the children use what they have to make their own money and resist the father’s pampering. None of the children can currently help the father pay for his debts, his children are indebted too.

No one will be able to bury this father. Baba is naked and smiling in public. The father is doing the children and the children have also been doing themselves.

Restructure Now and save your father. Lose yourselves you children of a destiny subsuming father.

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