Day 3: Aero Airline refunds customer’s money

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Nigeria’s second largest airline, Aero Contractors, remained grounded for a third day and stranded passengers were being refunded their money and scurrying to other airlines.

Many passengers who normally fly with Aero Contractors book their flights online and pay days or weeks ahead of their trip.

Many of them were stranded on Wednesday when staff of the airline suddenly went on strike, leaving passengers with no cash at airports.

Staff of the airline went on strike over a labour dispute that grounded all Aero Contractors planes and caused millions of naira in losses to the airline.

The staff are demanding better conditions of service, but details were not still clear at press time.

The airline apologised to passengers on Wednesday and published a court order restraining staff from embarking on strike.

But the staff ignored the court order and carried on with the strike. A meeting between staff and management ended in a deadlock on Thursday.

Aero Contractors has said it is doing all it can for quick resolution of the crisis.

Last year, Air Nigeria suspended all its operations over what it called staff disloyalty and poor business environment.

Many other airlines have gone under or are simply struggling to survive. As the price for aviation fuel (Jet A1) remains sky high, many airlines continue to gasp for breath.

Aviation fuel is said to consume about 40 percent of an airline’s income.

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