I Have Licensed To Fish In Kenya, Claims An Italian Tycoon

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An Italian entrepreneur, Basta Alessandro, distanced himself from those claiming that he engages in illegal fishing in Kenya.

The tycoon’s ship MV Roberto fishing in the Kipini waters of the Indian Ocean was last week arrested by a group of security personnel from Kenya Wildlife Service after two dolphins and a turtle was found dead along the shores of the Indian Ocean in what is suspected to be as a result of the trawlers fishing in the area.

He protested the arrest, saying he has a valid document from the fisheries department that allows him to fish on the Kenyan coast. Alessandro accused those behind the arrest of his vessel and crews of seeking attention and funds from the international wildlife organizations.

“I have been doing fishing in Kenya for the last 20 years I work with the community and you can hear from them if I do something legal or illegal, I do fish legally and sell fish to locals at a very cheap price.”

"This is just a plot to protest to get funding from organizations in America, Germany, and other international donors, but the truth is we are very keen on conservation,'' said Alessandro.

Alessandro added that he uses nets in line with fisheries regulations, and the local authorities regularly inspect his ships.

He has maintained no evidence to prove that he has breached any fishing law in the East African nation.

"All evidence is fake. My lawyer made sure they go to the relevant departments, and everything was found to be alright,'' he noted.

As a result of the arrest, he claimed he has incurred losses amounting to ksh40 million (approximately US$368,000) and has vowed to sue those who led to the arrest.

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