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Great articles about relationships, marriages and intimacy. Share your relationship stories here..

Why are you still in that relationship?

It’s time to ask yourself some hard questions, time for you to be real and objective, time for you to answer why do you stay? 1. If you remove sex out of the equation, will you two still love being together or is sex the major or…

Dating Guidelines for Single Parents

By Tina Tessina As a single parent, you probably have so little free time that dating seems an impossible task. Yet, single parents are dating in unprecedented numbers, so if you’re looking for another “head of household” to date, you’ll…

Romance is Not Necessarily Love

By Tina Tessina In romantic depictions of love, cute little images of cherubs and cupids abound. But Cupid, in his real incarnation, is not so sweet and cuddly. His arrows can create deep and lasting wounds, and can strike you blind and…

10 Reasons For Not Falling in Love

By Tina Tessina Although you might think of “falling in love” as romantic; we all fall in love many times in life: with a new lover, a new friend, a particularly cooperative co-worker, an appealing movie or TV star, a caring…