After Derek Chauvin’s Murder Verdict, it’s Time To Face Nigeria’s ‘Chauvins’ In Uniform

The highly anticipated trial of Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis Police officer who was caught in a viral video kneeling over George Floyd last year has given hope to many who now believe this is just the beginning.

Away from the United States, Nigeria’s Police force is far worse than what is obtainable in the US.

The feeling that they’re going to get away and evade justice has given room for continued heinous activities.

Derek Chauvin
Derek Chauvin

Last year, many youths protested against a Police special unit charged with tackling armed robbery, called SARS. The #EndSars campaign became a signature struggle against police impunity, extortions and brutality in Nigeria.

After a particular incident of police brutality and the loss of lives and properties, the emotional outbursts from the public soon dies off and things return to normal. This cycle has persisted as there are no follow-ups to the eventual trial and convictions of officers involved.

There has to be a specialized report, an online broadcast or focused investigation on police brutality, which must ensure that such matters are not kept under the carpet. The teenage girl who captured Derek Chauvin while kneeling on George Floyd’s body is definitely the lens that got the whole world to see. We need more individuals who can provide undercover report on Police activities and bring them to the public. TV and radio stations in Nigeria will have to be proactive in this regard.

As I write this, there are many people who are currently being extorted without evidence from victims to table their cases. Police officers have become kidnappers and friends of fraudsters. Their actions must be publicized. Their families must be profiled and their faces must not be hidden from the public. They should be made to face public shame and horror they brought on people and their victims must get justice.

From here, we can begin to re-educate the Police and gradual weeding out of bad eggs among them. This is how the many Derek Chauvin can be dealt with among Police officers and we can win the war against police brutality and the abuse of power.

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