Are Ecstasies, Falling and Screaming in Churches Really The Holy Spirit at Work? I Doubt It

There's a church nearby, hardly would they hold a programme without people not going into ecstasy, screaming, falling down or what they call "slain under the anointing."

As a Bible student myself and as a Sociologist, I have sought to understand why it happens in certain churches and why it doesn't happen in others.

images 53 Are Ecstasies, Falling and Screaming in Churches Really The Holy Spirit at Work? I Doubt It

The questions that often come to my mind are, "are demons always present in their midst"? "Is it really the Holy Spirit slaying people, causing them to lose consciousness, stagger and fall?" "Why is it that after all those drama and slaying as an evidence of God's presence, that the lives of those who always roll on the ground has no positive transformation?" I mean a girl who was rolling on the ground after the shout of "Holy Ghost Fire" ceaselessly, still go about abusing her parents, still full of pride and arrogance and in fact, fornicating?"

At every or most programme, there are certain people who often go into ecstasy. I also observed that 99 percent of them are women.

Firstly, I observed that this phenomenon is not only peculiar to these set of Christian denominations, in fact, it happens too among idol worshippers. Isn't that interesting? Among the Shamans in Indian temples and different polytheistic beliefs, it is a common thing. In the Bible, we read about Baal worshippers, whose mode of worship involves repetitions, dancing, and banging of musical instruments in order to call out Baal. The Bible records that "And they cried aloud and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them." 1Kings18:28.

That was the manner in which they served their god. In such a way that they go into the realm of subconsciousness, trance and even injure themselves and they wouldn't even feel it.

You will find a situation in today's churches where ushers will run to hold people so they don't hit their heads on the ground or break their arms. As a curious person, I ask, "how can this be the Holy Spirit?"

What I have observed is this;

  1. There's a link between repetitions and emotional imbalance that can result into subconsciousness. You don't have to shout "Jesus" continually before some people will lose balance. You can shout "Allah" too, or even any words for that matter. If you stayed in an open field and you begin to repeat "Gombe", "Gombe", with resounding claps and maybe a drum, people will fall down or still go into ecstasy or trance.
  2. Does that mean the Holy Spirit was there? NO! That was why Jesus warned against vain repetitions. "But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking." Matt.6:7. There are some religious practices that exposes the human spirit to demons. I can't explain them because of space.
  3. Women are more emotional and they can easily lose emotional balance in such gatherings. A discerning man of God must be able to spot emotions and stop such outbursts in any church gathering. Kill it immediately. You remember Michael Jackson's Thriller album and concerts? If you watched it, you'll discover how they were carrying women who were fainting and lost consciousness just because they heard Michael's angelic voice or were blown away by his moonwalk dance moves.
  4. It is a pity that demons have now found some churches a good ground to showcase themselves. The pride, spirit of fornication, greed and so on, that are inherent in people's soulish bodies are then exposed right before our eyes as they roll uncontrollably like fresh mad somebody. The demons are happy that such churches are allowing them to have a breeding ground.
  5. Sometimes, they can even speak by prophesying, speaking things that are real and will happen. Chai! The devil is a liar. Have you not seen a lady who will return from one night stand with her boyfriend and will still be slained under the so called anointing that she will be prophesying? O my! Things are happening.

Lastly, let us be more curious to meditate and ask more questions before God. The answers are always there in the scriptures. If you think what you see in those churches is the Holy Spirit working, don't get it twisted. Holy Spirit cannot destroy his temple to roll and stagger, while he keeps a man with a crutch still unmoved.

Church deliverance
Deliverance in church

People are screaming and falling, but they remain untransformed and they remain in sin. Are you kidding me? Stop it! God's presence creates Holy fear, reverence and a feeling of God's enormous love and greatness. It can make you lift up your hands, kneel, drop tears of joy, prostrate or bow. It is not a weapon of "slaining" people, yet keeps the cameraman and his camera standing.

If you're thinking because we don't fall in our church, we don't experience God, baba, forget. It is the devil that falls at our presence. We don't fall for what is lesser than us.

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