Buratai: The Alarmist-In-Chief And New Northern Agenda

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The recently reported coupin making raised by the Nigerian Chief of army Staff, Lt General, Tukur Buratia, is, to say the least, alarmist and strategically reeks of dishonesty which underscores a novel desperation in the power retention bid of the people of Hausa- Fulani stock of Northern Nigeria.

The new Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Turkur Buratai
The new Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Turkur Buratai

Of course, to many a usually gullible Nigerian, there is ostensibly nothing wrong in Lt General Tukur Buratia assuming the status of an alarmist-in-chief apparently crying wolf over an alleged coup in making. For one, in the minds of these gullibles and his supporters alike, by raising this alarm himself, if not for anything, the Army Chief has thus succeeded in giving the issue the serious attention it is receiving. In like manners, they are wont to believe, he (Buratai) has succeeded in sending Jitters down the spins of the “hobnobbers”(the military personnel) who might have been habouring the idea of cashing in on the avoidable but serious hunger situation President Muhammed Buhari has precipitated the country into as an excuse for staging aputsch.

Equally no less the case is in defence of Buratai by the guillibles and supporters alike is that by hisalarmist scream of a coup in the offing, many persons are now predisposed to believe –wrongly or rightly, that he is apparently averse to becoming or striving to become the Military Head of State in the event of actual coup de tat taking place.

But however plausible and germane the foregoing might be to the truth about Buratai’s allegation of certain military elements hobnobbing with certain politicians under whatever guise while invariably and allegedly plotting a coup or whatever that might be called,for the discerning minds though, all these are highly orchestrate and mischievous scheming, permutations and mind-preparing scenarios that only exist at the very best in the world of make-believe meant to be deployed to mislead the gullible and, of course, all those who either are not familiar with the mentality of the Muslim Hausa-Fulani people of the Northern Nigeria vis-à-vis their changing antics in Politics of power playor those who may have forgotten their atavistic inclinationand all-time desperation to either win orretain power at all cost by allmeans humanly available and feasible.

But then, here is one good newsfor those who care to know: the truth of the matter is that nobody, seriously speaking, nobody was nor is still hobnobbing with another to either incubate or hatch any coup against President Buhari or his despotic government. And for obvious reasons, no right thinking military personnel will have contemplated such at this point in timein Nigeria.

Though, wrongly or rightly, having overthrown a democratically elected government in his heyday as a military dictator, one would naturally be inclined to envision a sort of possible karmic accumulation and/or enactmentof same scenario against the person of Mr. MuhammedBuhari as a democratically elected President today-even if that in itself is to serve momentarily as an exemplary case of poetic justice. Anyway that is by the way.

Yet the fact in issue under review is thatif indeedNigerians must subscribe toBuratai’s propaganda that there was such hobnobbing between certain Nigerian Military elements and politicians that is worth being construed or equated as a coup plot, then, in allseriousness, Buratai-led Army must first admit that such nasty development in itself could not have been intended for President Buhari who had alreadyarrived in UK battling to sort out himself medically, battling to sort himself out medically.

In essence,logically reasoning,Buratai should rather be man enough to publicly acknowledge that this coup talk is clearly an Hausa/Fulani invention intended as plan “B” option (arising in the face of MuhammaduBuhari’s debilitating health) which is not just being explored and deployed by the Hausa-Fulani ruling cabal to either instill fear in the Acting President, Prof. YemiOsibanjo, in order to continue to secure full compliance or force cooperation from him to be doing their biddings, but also it provies a window of opportunity Lt. Gen. Buratai to sample and ascertain public opinions on behalf of the cabal (especially on regional/ethnic basis and among religious groupings/bodiesin the country)on the extent of acceptance or otherwisethe choice of imposing a military rule on the polity and therebysustaining the prevailing Hausa-Fulani hegemony by other means.

As it were,therefoe, the truth is that no other people could be behind this coup thing than the crop of Muslim core Northern elements currently dominating the helm of affairs and thus wielding enormous powers accruing from their total controlof key state instruments of force- the integral part of which is led by no other than Lt. Gen. TukurBuratai.

It is therefore curious, risible, absurd, unfortunate and, above all,incredulous that the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. TukurBuratai could condescend so low as an alarmist-in-Chief over matters squarely under his full control.

This, in a nutshell, explains why (in my honest estimation) the whole thing about hobnobbing, coup in making or what have you, being raised by Lt. Gen. TukurBuratai reeks of a new phase of Northern agenda against the Nigerian state –which makes it imperative for all joinhands to be on the desk in order to defeat“them” now or never!

Onyiorah Paschal Chiduluemije, a Journalist, writes from Abuja

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