Covid-19: The myth Bursting Virus



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Coronavirus, also known as Covid19 will be remembered as the pandemic that sent the world cowering in raw fear of an apocalyptic demise of human existence. For Nigerians, the ravaging silent killer has exposed the level at which scam artists have ruled simpletons for decades. Finally, the virus has thrown faecal matter into the ceiling fan, smashing raw human waste into the faces of clerics, politicians and sycophants. 

The usual end of year predictions failed to warn faithful of the marauding pandemic. What we heard from “men of God” were largely pedestrian analysis which an average informed Nigeria can fairly predict. Many so-called healers bragged about going to China to knock the virus with “corrosive” anointing. The virus has found its way to Nigeria and the silence from the Rasputins of our world today is no longer spiritually acceptable. None is coming forward to lay hands on the ailing covid19 victims. The healers are suddenly on break.


For Nigerian politicians and those who weave lies to perpetuate power and squander resources, they are suddenly choking on the worthlessness of monies stashed for generational inheritance. Those in position who failed to set up world-class hospitals in the country are rattled, razzle-dazzled by the mercurial twist Covid19 has brought to health tourism. The usual destinations for the state of the art treatment in choice areas of the world are in need of healing as they battle the stream of sick people. The rich, poor, preachers, politicians and sycophants are trapped in a country void of any form of safety nets for health, food or viable economic fallbacks.

The Nigerian government has the resources but lack the will to impart positively towards mitigating the effect of the hydra-headed monstrosity of the apocalyptic Covid19 virus. Instructive to assert that the hand that will sign immediate establishment of test centres is waiting for the brain still booting and planning how to divert funds. Corruption in Nigeria is so endemic to the extent it has assumed spiritual status rated higher than religion by many people. For corruption which comes with the political monarchy, Nigerian politicians/government can equip polling units, distribute rice, beans etc to get votes, but cannot set up test centres or share free sanitizers, face masks etc to contain the spread of the virus.

Away from the recklessness of “men of God” and irresponsibility of past and present administrations, an average Nigerian is his or her own problem. Most Nigerians are in denial of the virus, instead, sheepishly employ themselves in the service of distributing it across the country. Only yesterday a misguided “celebrity” twitted his position disputing the existence of the virus. He drew some flacks for his irresponsible statement, but his religious followers will reference him gloriously until it is too late to opt-out of their grand illusion. 

There are thousands of Nigerians currently acting as “vectors” transmitting the virus in quadruple of what government thinks is the actual figure in hours if not in seconds. Nigeria is indeed a sitting time bomb about to explode on account of this pandemic. The government can continue to rig the figure to appear small, but the reality is that the virus is everywhere on account of the irresponsible, reckless attitude of the government and many Nigerians.

Until the virus fades off with the same speed it suddenly happened on the world, it is going to be the rich also cry situation in Nigeria if the pandemic should last beyond a month. those who criminally stashed public funds will suddenly realize that money is indeed well-embellished paper and nothing more. It is currently too late to build hospitals amidst global lockdown especially as we depend on other countries to import stuff. 

Nigerians are on their own just the way every other country is to its tent in the battle against this apocalyptic virus. many may die of starvation and not the virus in Nigeria. Men will go Medieval in search of food if the lockdown is total and food production is put on hold. Nigerians must be warned that the government has nothing to offer in terms of food or drugs. In the area of insecurity, more terror attacks are expected as many seek refuge in the homes.

It is not too late to a source within for the best brains to deal with this global pandemic. Nigeria Is blessed with super-intelligent humans Who are largely underemployed. If the government made up largely of people with criminally empty mental reasoning can snap into survival instinct mode, we can pull through unscathed if we go about it patriotically. The so-called rich must realize that the more the number of poor people is sick, the faster they too will get the virus. 

When all the noise of Covid19 blow under and there is a respite for mankind, humanity, nay Nigerians will not forget or forgive pastors, politicians and sycophants for misleading them. The coronavirus is indeed more than a virus, it is a myth bursting gorgon pulling down all the lies told. it has indeed exposed many for their abominable chains of falsehood. It is therefore hoped that the world will become a better place where the fear of the unknown killer travelling by the wind will force clerics, politicians and indeed average Nigerians to be realistic, patriotic and value-based. Meanwhile, many people will never view life the same way before the virus happened in the world. May God be kind to mankind, this too shall pass. 

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