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Crying More Than The Bereaved; A Rejoinder To Governor Tambuwal’s Attack Dog

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By Usama Dandare

Mr. Gubbaru Rumbuki has sought to refute my criticism of the current leadership of Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal. In his recent piece published via social media, of Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 1138hrs, under the caption ‘CRYING MORE THAN THE BEREAVED’ and bore the subheading ‘Usama A. Dandare’s Daily Attacks on Governor Tambuwal’. Mr. Gubbaru Rumbuki is Alh. Ibrahim Adamu incognito. Alh. Ibrahim Adamu who is a current Director of Information at the State Ministry of Information has been hiding under the nom de plume Gubbaru Rumbuki to blackmail and tarnish the image of peace-loving advocates.

He’s been attacking everyone who dares to point out any wrongdoing by the Tambuwal administration and finally, he came knocking at my door. But unfortunately, he has this time around stepped wrongly on the tail of a stubborn black mamba that continues to strike even after killing its prey. Since he’s a coward who’s afraid to unveil his true identity, I’ll address him with his pseudonym.

Aminu Tambuwal
Aminu Tambuwal

At first, I didn’t want to write a rejoinder to the venomous vituperation of Mr Adamu alias Rumbuki, but the rabble-rouser in me continue to destruct my peace for deciding to let things go. Hence the need to pen down this rejoinder, not only to free myself from the vexation of my inner self but to at least set straight some points for record emphasis and to serve a deterrent to others who may intend to follow suit.

In the said write-up, Mr. Rumbuki went agog casting aspersions on my humble self and calling me all sorts of names, he also claimed among other things:
1. That I am a descendant of immigrants who came to settle in Sokoto.
2. That I am one of the mercenaries in the distractive war against the person of Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal.
3. That I was hired by Senator Aliyu Wamakko to fight Governor Tambuwal.
4. That I am attacking Governor Tambuwal because he defeated my Uncle, Faruku Malami Yabo, to become the governor of Sokoto State.

To start with, I am an advocate of peace and good governance. I don’t tell lies to please my fellow human being no matter how highly placed. This has been my saving grace in all my daily activities. My nature as a critic does not allow me to keep quiet when things are not going right especially in my immediate environment. Those familiar with me can testify that I am very very stubborn when it comes to compromising my standard; when it comes to saying the truth, I can sacrifice my life in its defence. People close to me can confirm that I don’t accept nonsense from anybody who feels he can play with the sensibilities of my people. I am a no-nonsense down to an earth guy who can never be influenced with material wealth.

Gregariously, I don’t and will never take nonsense from a nincompoop or his foot soldiers. As a patriotic Nigerian and an aborigine of Sokoto State, I can not afford to keep mute when my people are intentionally being subjected to untold hardship by an insensitive and a fantastically corrupt administration which has nothing to offer rather than useless propaganda. I have been a consistent critic for over a decade now and God is there to judge my conscience if I have ever used my criticism to intentionally cause chaos or disparage the personality of my fellow human being. I wholeheartedly started what I am doing today purely to fight for my fellow masses who don’t have the medium to make their voices heard. This is my story and God should judge me if I have anything contrary in mind.

Now, let me address the infantile and stupefied verbal masturbation of the ever shameless Gubbaru Rumbuki.
1. Yes, just like Mr Rumbuki himself, my ancestors are immigrants that later settled at the present Sokoto State, but that isn’t a reason for me to keep silent while a broad daylight robbery is being perpetrated against our collective commonwealth. It seems Mr Rumbuki is an ignorant student of history who never knew that all the towns and cities we have on earth were originally formed by immigrants, and the people occupying these cities today are all children of immigrants who in the course of their movement settled in those places. Even the ‘Seat of the Caliphate’ that’s today the pride of the northern empire was initially formed by immigrants, and those in control of the Caliphate today are all descendants of an immigrant. The founder of the Sokoto Caliphate, Sheik Usman Ibn Fodio hailed from Futatoro in the present day Senegal.

Therefore, to say that I have no right to speak on issues affecting Sokoto State because my ancestors are not originally from Sokoto is as good as saying the Sultan of Sokoto, whose great-grandfather is not even a Nigerian, is not qualified to speak on issues affecting the state. With claims like this coming from a supposedly educated fellow, one should not be sceptical to conclude that Gubbaru Rumbuki passed through years of zero-value added education, he passed through education instead of education passing through him. He’s indeed the best example of an educated illiterate.

2. To say that I am a machinery used in the war against Governor Tambuwal only highlights how intellectually hollow the sayer may be. I am not against Governor Tambuwal in person rather his kindergarten style of leadership, as shown through my articles in which I never attacked the governor in person but his weak and meaningless policies. I was one of the few who believed in Tambuwal when no one trusted him and also among the few voices that campaigned for him free of charge in 2015 when people like Gubbaru Rumbuki were there sitting on the fence. I was equally on his side at the beginning of his tenure, it was after I clearly understood he’s nothing good to offer to the masses that i moved against him and before doing that, I gave him enough benefit of a doubt but was left seethed with rage.
Furthermore, I am in possession of several damning secrets of Governor Tambuwal’s private life and I know how to anonymously exposed him, if at all I am against his person, I would’ve by now made those secrets public. So Mr Rumbuki, I have nothing against your boss rather I am against his monumental mismanagement of our hard earned resources and his gross dereliction to duty.

3. Mr. Rumbuki who is of small mind also labelled me as a dog hired by Senator Wamakko to fight Governor Tambuwal. The truth is that Rumbuki is only crying wolf where there’s none. To set records straight, I have never met Senator Wamakko in person nor in a proxy, I have never sat down with any politician to discuss business since I started what I am currently doing.

I am not a hatchet man for any politician in Sokoto State. I am only a freedom fighter, social crusader, social critic, public opinion analyst and a radical writer who says the truth no matter how bitter. I am not under the payroll of any individual or group, I am funding my activities myself but once in a while, some patriotic friends do send in gifts mainly recharge cards in appreciation of my selfless crusade.

I have been in this for a long time and even Senator Wamakko whom Rumbuki claimed to be my financier wasn’t sparred of my criticism. I was a constant critic of Wamakko throughout his eight years tenure as the governor of Sokoto State from 2007-2015. If Rumbuki or any other person have any evidence that I am hired by Wamakko or any other politician in Sokoto and beyond should please make it public. A very exciting gift awaits anybody who can come forward with a valid evidence.

4. That my consistent criticisms on Governor Tambuwal are born out of my anger against the former for snatching the gubernatorial ticket from my uncle, Faruku Malami Yabo, who was then the frontrunner for the APC ticket before Tambuwal defected from the PDP in 2015.

To start with, Mr. Rumbuki should know that I have been crusading against poor governance since before Faruku Malami joined active politics in 2007. I have done to the two previous regimes more than what I am currently doing to Tambuwal despite the fact that both administrations performed excellently compared to the mess we are witnessing today. And I would’ve done so to Faruku Malami himself had it been he’s in Tambuwal’s shoe. I think Gubbaru Rumbuki and his likes think I only started this crusade lately just because of my grievances with Governor Tambuwal. Anyway, they should be forgiven for holding this assertion, they’re new to the internet and social media that was why they never knew of my existence long before now.

Let me enumerate to my readers why I am against Tambuwal administration. I am not in his support because he declared a total war on the poor masses and intentionally destroyed their future, hence making poverty a lifetime companion to many households. He is criminally looting the resources of our state with impunity.

The Tambuwal administration cannot point at any tangible and “seable” project it has honestly and truthfully executed in the state despite having a total inflow of over N500billion (IGR, FAAC allocation, Paris Club refund, Bailout, loans among other) in the spate of only three years. Yet, one liverless ignoramus has the audacity to insult my humble self for speaking up against maladministration.

Like I have stated earlier, my nature as a crusader and critic will never allow me to keep quiet when all these “mis-happenings” are going on in my own state. I will never keep quiet in the face of injustice, and never compromise this stand.

I thought Mr. Rumbuki in his infantile and juvenile defence of his incompetent Governor will counter my criticisms with variable facts instead of beating around the bush. He turned blind eyes to all the issues I have been raising because he’s no words to defend his principal. Unfortunately, Mr Rumbuki talking like a child who beds wet decided to deviate from the points I raised and resort to insults and name-calling.

As expected, whoever chooses to render selfless service to humanity as I have been doing over a decade must be impugned by the blinds and villains like Gubbaru Rumbuki who lack the ability to discern the stimulus of a servant. Many others who choose the paths of justice were faced with these similar or even more lethal challenges but triumphed at the end.

Our own noble Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) was pelted with stones and chased out of Mecca, but at the end, he became loved by all and still being celebrated today.

Jesus Christ (may the blessings of Allah be upon him) was also chastised, spat on and then immolated. Fast-forward today, Jesus is being worshipped and praised by all mankind. Then who the hell am I to be an exemption?

My advice to Gubbaru Rumbuki as he called himself is to think more than twice before he comes out to attack someone he knew nothing about, he should save his reputation if any and stay a thousand miles away from me. If he thinks he’s equal to the task, then he should continue, let’s see who’ll laugh last. This piece is nothing but a tiny fraction of what I have in stock for people like him. He should respect himself as an elder and desist from interfering in my activities, else, he’ll regret ever having access to the internet let alone using it to attack my personality. The earlier he stops the better for him. He should instead direct his energy to market his unmarketable commodity ahead of their imminent downfall. A stitch in time saves nine.

To be continued………………..

Usama Dandare, a social commentator write from Sokoto.
[email protected]

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