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Dear VP, Immunity Is Not Your Property – A Nigerian Writes Osinbajo

Dear Prof Yemi Osinbajo

My attention has been drawn to your reaction to allegations of corrupt practices levelled against you by one Mr Frank Shuaibu. In your reaction, you denied any wrongdoing and ‘magnanimously’ offered to waive your immunity in order for justice to take its cause.

Though it is true that you can be investigated even while in office, you cannot be prosecuted because of the immunity you enjoy as vice president of Nigeria. With all due respect sir, the immunity you currently enjoy in your capacity as Vice President is not your property. It is for the office of the Vice President of Nigeria; a position you currently occupy either overtly or covertly. It, therefore, belongs to the Nigerian people.

Dear VP, Immunity Is Not Your Property - A Nigerian Writes Osinbajo
Buhari and Osinbajo

You cannot take authority over what does not belong to you, sir. Simply put, you cannot decide to waive it because you didn’t decide to have it in the first place. The immunity was bestowed on you when you assumed office. It became active for you, the very second after your oath of office was administered on you and will expire the very second you are legally removed from office either through the ongoing tribunal or by way of impeachment or when you resign from office.

If you genuinely feel pained or aggrieved over the allegations levelled against you by Mr Timi Frank Shuaibu, you as a very senior lawyer knows what to do. Please stop the grandstanding already. We are over-saturated with these types of deceits.

The other day, few weeks to the general elections, you were sighted in different markets across Nigeria sharing money to some Nigerians in an operation you code named tradermoni. You know Nigerians didn’t believe your purpose for sharing money. You know Nigerians were hapless and could do nothing but history shall eventually tell.

As if this was not enough, you have a gained signified your intention to resume the distribution of these funds again but this time in Kogi and Bayelsa States even though the whole world knows that elections will again be held in these states in a matter of weeks. Haba Mr Vice President!!! Could this be a mere coincidence?

You appeared to be one of the most educated if not the most educated in the present government. God Almighty was not kind to you till you attained this position only for you to embark or be used for this kind of deceit. Think sir if not for Nigerians, your family and reputation but for God whom you claimed to be his servant in his vineyard.

Quite disturbingly, sir, your name is now synonymous with the proverbial tortoise that must be mentioned in every story. Nigerians; me inclusive are not comfortable with this. What may be the problem sir? We hear speculations of a certain cabal. Is this true? If the conditions are no longer favourable for you to work freely, please do the honourable thing and bow out. The powers that be around the corridors of power cannot be defeated from within. Only people can.

Late former Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa, the then second in command to late first head of state Aguyi Ironsi and most recently, former Chief of Staff General Oladipo Diya were some Nigerians who ignored early warnings and decided to fight on. Only Diya is Lucky enough to be alive to tell the story. Others were consumed!

Like I said before, if you feel very strongly about this very weighty allegation by Comrade Timi Frank Shaibu, the best way to go about it is to resign your position, step aside as Vice President of the Federation and allow relevant organs of government to thoroughly and diligently investigate these allegations with a few to have you have your day in court or seek crushing damages against this whistle blower.. Anything short of this, just like your offer to waive your immunity is nothing but grandstanding. Luckily for you, he has dared you to court promising to meet you there.

As a senior lawyer in the temple of Justice sir, you know that with your immunity, you cannot be sued either can you sue. Perhaps, Comrade Timi Frank is aware of this and knows he will have your case thrown out and defeat you, perhaps this same fellow has facts to prove you are corrupt as he alleged, perhaps you are not corrupt and deserve to get crushing damages awarded against this fellow. It is all still speculation to Nigerians but you need to clear your name. The best way out is for your letter to be on the President’s table before he arrives from Network. This is the honourable thing to do sir and history will eternally be grateful to you.

Assurances of my highest regards for your office, second only to the office of the President of the Federation sir.

Citizen Omokhudu Odion.