How Nigerian Families Breed SARDISTS: The Making of a Power Drunk Society

Yesterday, just outside my house I sat with my wife to enjoy the evening breeze. Then, like the sound of torture in a Police cell, I heard a boy crying as he was receiving a beating equivalent to that of a criminal.

I could hear the lashes, constant jabs and knocks even from the opposite end of the street. The boy should be around 7 years. The mother had locked the door and for about 30 minutes she was enjoying her assault on her own child.

A child Nigerian
A child Nigerian

It got me thinking. Does this kind of treatment make our society better off? Mostly, this abusive treatments are from poverty stricken parents, who sometimes vent their frustration on the children. They can’t provide their children with the best, yet they make monsters of them. Those children came to a country that is tough, the parents make it tougher.

They grow up with a mindset that seeing people cry is nothing since they were brought up to know pains. I have seen women who beat their children to the extent that blood began rushing from the eyes, swollen head, and eternal marks. This is evil!

No wonder we have SARS, police officers, politicians, civil servants and a society that sees the stick as an instrument of control and power. The mother has power over those kids and she’s using it all in the name of training the children. The children have also been accustomed to torture that they wouldn’t be afraid to misbehave outside because obviously, there’s no hell as hot as home. Any beating outside will only be a child’s play to what they already experience.

This is how most Nigerians were brought up. We saw parents, aunties and uncles feeling entitled to lay their frustrations on us. Aunties are even worse. The child doesn’t feel like running errands and they just don’t care about his/her feelings. It is do or die. They were a people who don’t apologize to their children for doing wrong. You wonder now why politicians, police officers, the military, and people in power even in the private sector don’t just care if you’re hurt or in pains? Its been a cultural thing all along. We complain over the abuse of power in Nigeria, yet abuse starts from home.

It has to stop. Children are God’s heritage, not yours (underline that). If torture and beatings were responsible for a sane society, Nigeria should have been the country with the most well behaved citizens. At the end, the children of the rich who never tortured or abused their children in the name of training and nurturing will still find their way to the top leading normal lives while eulogizing their parents’ way of bringing them up and their sacrifices. Unfortunately, the children from poor backgrounds who almost got killed by the parents while growing up, will also shower praises on their parents for beating them mercilessly and recount the days of their torture. Why? Because they think it is normal. We have accepted the abnormal way as culture. What a pity!

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