Just Before We Draw The Curtain On Hope Over Nigeria

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If you think self-determination by agitating groups in Nigeria would solve the problem, you need to have a rethink. Although, I can't change the course of the future, because I am certain that at some point in time when all these current political leaders who witnessed Nigeria's independence and fought for it are all gone, coming generations will amplify the call for Nigeria's disintegration.

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By the time they threaten the economic, social and political order, targeting political leaders and making the country ungovernable, the wall will collapse, giving way for autonomous bodies to emerge. Hold on, that's where the real problem will start.

The Nigerian Federation has been the saving grace for why Nigeria hasn't turned to Somalia of the 90s.

The IPOB and Oduduwa group currently struggle to grasp the reality of the future chaos that a disintegrated Nigeria would bring. Today, we all think Yorubas are one, and of course, Nigeria has made us more united and no tribe is fighting each other. By the time Nigeria disintegrates, you will know there's a difference between Ijebu and Ibadan people, Igbomina and Egbe, Ekiti people and Akoko, Ilorin Yorubas and Ibarapa etc. Watch out for a modern version of the 'kiriji' war and the 'Ekiti parapo' battles.

In fact, we would realize the difference between Igbos in Abakaliki and those in Imo, the difference between Orlu and Anambra will be exposed to us.

The present nepotism and seemingly yet visible bias in dealing with killer Herdsmen by the Buhari administration will be a child's play to what will ensue among autonomous tribes, even within the same ethnic group.

South Sudan is a case study. The problem of humanity is rooted in SIN. The quest to subjugate others for personal or group greed, the quest for power to dominate others, not wanting to be criticized, selfish desires and pride of life are common and exist in relative proportions in every civilization.

Is this not the same power behind Colonization and slavery by Europeans and Arabs?

Humanity is essentially lost on its own. Every quest for a new social and political order creates a new social disorder because it is still humans who will run the system.

Consider the present crops of leaders in Yoruba land or South-East or South-South today under APC or PDP and their metamorphosis as new leaders under your beloved Oduduwa Republic and Biafra. They will no longer steal from Abuja, but from within you. They, like Buhari or Jonathan or whoever will appoint cronies to compensate them rather than appoint individuals who can make things work.

When agitations occur without a futuristic blueprint for allocation of resources, power-sharing and structures for justice and equity, but based on emotions and sentiments, what happened to Nigeria after independence up till now will happen again, even in High Definition.

I call this a Bounce Back Effect - an upturn of negative events in the social milieu resulting from the quest for positive transformations. Like the Israelites, many will seek to return back to One Nigeria when the wickedness among their own people whom they had trusted as 'messiahs begin to hit them hard.

Before you draw the curtain on hope over Nigeria, think about the minority groups in Jos, Taraba, Niger, Edo, Rivers, Delta etc. Think about Benue, look deeper at what being under One Nigeria has brought to souls within these regions. How education has changed many lives because of Nigeria and even the message of the gospel continues to reach more people even in core North, reshaping thoughts and ways of life matter how little.

2023 Presidential Election
2023 Presidential Election

Millions of destinies now and in future will be tied to this glorious country even in all its flaws. Though it lingers, a crawling child can rise from constant stumbling with sincere loving hands. What you don't love, you can't help. Who you don't love, you can't give.

I believe even the errors of men can be turned to the greater good. God does not make mistakes. If by selfish greed, Lord Lugard and the British Colonial Masters decided to unite the Northern and Southern Protectorate and deliberately empowered the Northern Emirs to continue to influence their people with religion to keep them in perpetual obedience, God still has a way in making His divine will come to pass even if humans can't see it.

The anger over the poor handling of affairs by the current administration, especially the bad economy and insecurity, is not sufficient for disintegration. I tell you verily, future generations will bite their fingers for allowing themselves to be fooled that self-determination is the answer to their problems. Unfortunately, by then, everyone is already exposed and weak. The Oduduwa Republic or Biafra land will be exposed for what it is; it's not a promise to paradise.

Lastly, if the majority are ready within an ethnic group to leave, there should never be bloodshed. Let them go. Because, despite the fact that I want this nation to be one, I foresee the inevitable happening before the turn of this century. There's no need to waste people's lives over what will still be.

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