What if Mandela was a Nigerian?

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By Ehi Ekhator

Nelson Mandela was in hospital for nearly three months
Nelson Mandela was in hospital for nearly three months

A question i know individuals have requested since the demise of the extraordinary man, Nelson Mandela, the main address that continues ringing a bell is, What if Nelson Mandela was a Nigerian? Do we have Nelson Mandela in Nigeria?In any case, the response i get from my psyche is not empowering.

Mandela was a contender for freedom, a forgiver, a country builder, a leader, a man with a sense of oratory and totally objective.

NO, The question is completely wrong because Nelson Mandela would never have been a Nigerian, the question is completely wrong because he would have been dead for many years, the question is very wrong because he would have been abandoned by those he fought for. really, what if Mandela was a Nigerian?

Mandela wouldn't have made it out of the prison if he was a Nigerian. When M.K.O was in prison, i remembered my father told me, "son, is either he is murdered in prison or he will die the moment he is released, oh... oh... i wish i can reach him to tell him to stay away from something he loves so much" M.K.O can't be compared to Mandela but he was murdered anyways,. How about Ken Sarowiwa?

If Mandela was a Nigerian, the Nigerians he fought for would have said "No mind am, he wan show say e get power na, make them jail am small. Na em get power pass" Others would say "He wan die for Nigeria, i no fit die for this country o" But Mandela fought, he knew it would cost him but he fought for what he believed in.

Individuals like Obasanjo, Tinubu, Babangida, Abacha, Atiku and even our present president Jonathan might not set out to say "I Learned From Mandela". Nigeria does not have leaders, we have homicidal vampires who stick to office through encroachment.

Nobody learned from Mandela, the heart of forgiveness is gone for years, there was just one man with such heart and he died few days ago. The planet i know is presently full of the insidious and nonsensical people who have faith in retribution. Obama said he took in a ton from Mandela, that is totally moronic and ludicrous on the grounds that the Obama i know is a snake that furtively nibble.

For the individuals who sent their sympathy, they are not immaculate enough to, Mandela was only one cleaned man who existed around wrongdoers( (us) A man who pardoned the individuals who harmed and used his 27 years of his existence to no end. Did Obasanjo did that? He had the opportunity to be Mandela when he vacated jail, what did he do? Did Gabriel Osawaru did that? he had the opportunity to meet Mandela and presumably conversed with him, however he didn't, Did Jonathan gained experience from him? Heck no as Efcc and police are pursuing whoever crossed the president's way.

Nigerians go to beer parlour to celebrate whenever they lost a politician. In their hearts, it is MINUS ONE. Nigerians don't care about whose politicians plane crashed unless when it involves the ordinary people.

The politicians on the other hand do not care if the people they govern eat or have good water, good road, good education or anything that will make them one day, challenge their authorities. The politicians i know are deceivers including those who claimed to be ACTIVISTS and HUMAN RIGHT GROUPS. So, Mandela can't be a Nigerian

Mandela would have been nailed like Jesus Christ if he was a Nigerian, he would have been lynched after being framed by the powerful ones. Those with hearts to lead in Nigeria are all in the jail, the individuals we see wandering the workplace are the villains in Uniform. Mandela will live forever, we honour him and no one will ever be him.

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