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Open Letter To Edo State Government: Pigin English Version


Written by Comr Stanley Osazee Osakhuenorkhodin

Una Good afternoon Edo State Government, I take time from my leave take write this open letter because, so many things they way they pain me and so many Edo people for mind and I use PIGIN ENGLISH take write because, na only through this medium I go fit take talk am way every body go hear. Na few month Oga Comrade Governor get for office now to serve our people, but e clear say all the agreement and campaign promise way Oga Comrade promise to give Edo people him nor gree fulfill any one of them oh, I go try remember Oga Comrade Governor one After the other.


Osazee Obazee
Osazee Obazee

We remember say one of Oga Comrade Governor key manifesto for him 2007 campaign na Bye Bye to poverty. As we speak so, Edo people never see the kind poverty way we they see now under this Government before oh, our people they suffer they work like lion they receive money like atete. Even pensioneers way done serve the state with all their power for life hardly recieve their money when month End, Oga governor u sure say this ur own action against the people resemble person way ready put an end to poverty?


The same 2007, Oga Comrade Governor promise Edo people say him go provide 10000 job annually for Edo people and if u multiple 10000×8 u go get 80000 jobs and as we speak today, even one job we nor see. Elections don they come again, we don they see advert for employment. Oga Comrade Governor, u like to employ us, abi u one decieve us with the employment make we for vote for ur party again?

Waiting come pain me pass be say, Oga Comrade Governor come last year November 11/ 2015 during 7th anniversary celebration, Oga governor come talk am say him nor promise to build industries for Edo people. Oga that word pain me oh, ok if u nor promise to build industries as u talk, where u one for provide the 80000 jobs way u promise to provide for Edo people?


Oga the music way u play to get our market women, bus drivers, Okada men and many others na “NO MORE TICKETING” but as we they see today, na under ur Government we for come see the multiple taxation way every responsible government around the world see like fraud sotay, our people don run comot for business because of multiple taxation, Oga all this kind thing good so?


When u promise to wipe Agbero from Edo State Oga Comrade Governor, I nor go lie u oh, Edo people happy well well oh. But today matter change oh and water self pass gari, the Agbero way come they today, fit shoot gun for front of police and them go, go freely. If these Agbero they collect money for ticket, u need to see how them they beat our market women, bus driver and others for street. We know how many accident Oshiomhole police and the new group don cause for our state. When this Agbero they flight, Edo they turn upside down. Sometime last year when Agbero flight for Ikpoba hill market, if nor be soldiers way kill two, u go think say federal Government don legalized gun for Nigeria, na wa oo.

The one way come pain pass be say, the same Agbero way we expect to be history in Edo State, Nai come be the most paid job in Edo State, so Tay all the graduate way nor get jobs they see where Agbero they celebrate 1billion Naira in cash and assets, while graduates don turn bigger for street. Many people way never enter schools now don they discouraged to go school, them they join cultism now make them for strong well to join the must lucrative job of Agbero in Edo State, Oga na this kind one u promise us in 2007?


When Oga Comrade Governor enter government gidigba, our people they happy say we don get Ogbonge government. The Government come bring one man one vote come, as the concept come sweet reach, the enter nation come carry am. When e reach the time to conduct local Government elections in Edo State, we come see one man 50 vote and so Tay, cow self they vote, waiting be the brain behind that action, na hypocrisy or what?


When Oga Comrade Governor enter power, him fight the Godfatherism way they this state, when the Oga start to they function as Governor, even ur own commissioners nor they fit talk, not to even talk of Edo people. Na talk I talk way u spoil my Ex mass and wedding anniversary for my hand. As if that one nor reach, even people for ur own party don see am say u one imposed candidates on them, Oga Comrade Governor u nor see am say ur action they different from what u preach? To be Continued

Courtesy United Frontier for Good Governance

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