Opinion: Places of Worship Should Invest in Security, Get Guns. Biblical or not?

Criminal elements don’t fear God and hence, they have no conscience. Jesus says we need to be wise as serpents, and gentle as a dove.

Two different characters that can be useful to navigate this wilderness of a world. Consider the cunning and strategic attributes of a serpent and the gentleness and humility of a dove at the same time. (Ponder on that).

Holy Bible
Holy Bible

In my Sociology class, we talked about opportunities for crime commitment. What gives criminally inclined people more audacity and courage is the belief that they can always get away and that there’s little or no chance of resistance. Trust me, they want to live too and don’t really want to die.

Someone is saying but “the Lord is my shepherd bro”, Yes, I know. He is also the shepherd of Pastors and God’s children that were kidnapped from their church premises. He is also the God watching over the churches where robbers invaded and stole their instruments.

In the temple built by King Solomon, the Bible records that there were men with swords and soldiers who stood at the entrance and strategic places. Samuel and David employed them for such duty. They were the door-keepers (Psalm 84:10, 2Chn 8:14)

1Chronicles: 9:18-27
24″There were keepers of the doors on the four sides, to the east, west, north, and south.

25 And their brothers, in the country places where they were living, were to come in every seven days to be with them from time to time.

26 For the four chief door-keepers, who were Levites, had a special position, looking after the rooms and the store-houses of the house of God.”

They were to guard the temple and ensure its safety against theft, looters and against enemy occupation. What men have the capacity to do by themselves, God will not do it for them.

Worship centers should not put the lives of people at risk in a lawless, crazy society where security situation worsens like Nigeria. Those in rural communities are at higher risk. Get guns, go and register with Police authorities. Buy AK-47 ammos, live rounds with the carrier outside the church perimeter. Some should stay by the door, others can hide and disguise and be like snipers. By the time abductors realize that the places of worship are death traps for them, they won’t find it attractive again. “They shall come one way, but shall flee in seven places.”

The Preacher in the book of Ecclesiastes warned us against over-rigtheousness. “Be not given overmuch to righteousness and be not over-wise. Why let destruction come on you?” Eccl. 7:16.

As we pray, evangelize and do good works, we need to be strategic too like the serpent. Church Vigil programmes are opportunities for criminal elements to hit these days. Let churches beware. If unknown gunmen and assailants can invade police stations without being nabbed in this country, what is the church and your mosque?

Understand the times and don’t give in to foolishness. Eye for an eye in the law of Moses was to maintain balance so that the other individual doesn’t take two eyes for one or kill. When wicked folks take two eyes, how would you see to even pluck theirs? Just don’t give them the luxury. You are not a matyre for dying in the hands of abductors, neither have you suffered for Christ if your possessions are stolen.

Wisdom is profitable.

As we are security conscious and take caution, let’s be reminded that “we die daily” like Apostle Paul wrote. Our bodies are the temple of God. Let’s guide our spirit beings with the door keepers of the Word of God. Let the righteousness of Christ, his love and his cross be the keepers of our hearts unto eternal life. Evil people can loot the physical church and the body, they can’t loot a secured soul in Christ Jesus.

However, the fact that we preach about heaven being our real home and eternal destination does not mean we should always want to die when it is avoidable. By the way, we eat everyday and do not want to die of hunger just because we’re going to die one day. Do you because you’re going to die not take medications or seek medical help? Do you because death is inevitable open up yourself to danger?

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