[OPINION] Stop ‘Monstering’ Our Chance Of Getting Back To The Future

By Leigh G Banks

While social media monsters scream from their desktops that the world-as-we-knew-it is being buried under government, ‘big pharma’, journalistic and fat cat lies’…

And while they gnash madly as they describe ambitions to shoot little Bill Gates’ submarines of control’ into our veins … it looks like the world might be re-setting all around us.

We just might be on the verge of a journey back to some kind of normality, although I do doubt that we will ever return to 100pc of what we had before.

After all, shocks like the coronavirus pandemic – and there is no doubt the shock is real, even if you don’t believe the pandemic is – happen very rarely and must have permanent and far-reaching changes for us all.


Right now, as far as output is concerned, the world economy is heading for recovery, but the legacy of Covid-19 will deform and mutate global growth.

Robots are already doing factory and service jobs. And it will get worse. White-collar workers are unlikely to swap their firesides for sterile offices, and Governments will undoubtedly play a larger role in the lives of us all.

Yes, keyboard warriors, you are right! Our safety nets and personal rights need patching up as soon as possible.

But the outrageous lying, fact bending, twisted, scare-mongering, freakish emoji -ridden, a smiley assassin of social media need to be brought to heel just like all other traditional media is in this ever-spinning world.

It is clear the one thing social media doesn’t care about is The Truth. All its Fat Controllers care about is collecting our data and ‘running’ our lives. Isn’t that what amateur pundits claim the powers-that-be invented the pandemic to do?

But surely we all have to say that the British government is right to explore mass rapid testing and vaccine passports right now.

As long as they do not become a permanent fixture in our lives, then they may well speed our return to ‘normality.

Then there is the new one-shot vaccine which could allow us foreign travel.

Boris has raised hopes by revealing what professional pundits are treating with caution by describing it as a mass testing blitz.

But at least we are not hysterical about it behind little round grumpy and angry faces.

Leigh G Banks
Leigh G Banks

Yes, people soon will be able to collect free Covid tests, which give results in just minutes. Everyone will be able to order kits at home, get them through work, at schools, or through testing centres across the country.

And as I write this, four million Covid-19 injections were poked into American arms. This, too, is being seen as a trackback to ‘normal life’..

About 106 million people have had one dose in the US, while 61 million are fully dosed. Whether by luck or design, President Joe Biden has actually lived up to his major promise to get out vaccines fast.

And that’s not to be Trumped at! No!

Let’s jump on the bus of hope, pay the fare and go where it takes us.

Then, when we arrive, demand our democratic rights to investigate and interrogate those who chose our route home.


Still, the nightmare is not over, however. The emergence of new coronavirus variations in Africa has contributed to an increase in deaths across the continent.

At least 40 countries have now seen a second wave of the pandemic.

And India’s health ministry has said that it has recorded an all-time high of 103,558 new coronavirus cases, the highest daily tally.

Mumbai, India’s financial capital and the capital of Maharashtra state, is now under stringent lock-down.  

But what of the long-term future?

It is a fact that we are going to have to learn to live with Covid. The rub is that, whether you believe it exists or not, it’s going to be with you.

And we only want constant tests and vaccine passports for as short a time as possible.

We don’t want to become prisoners of this Dystopian world that has ‘walled’ us into our homes and our countries.

Covid could lead us to become the victims of Health Apartheid; finally, the world is separated.

And cynicism is setting in everywhere, too, not least on social media.

People are still openly breaking the “rules” in the UK, which automatically makes them redundant.

And in a way, who can blame them?

All our civil liberties are being mashed up. If you look at it as a cold hard fact, we are simply banned from meeting our families in their homes.

This is inhumane and cruel and against every right, we have held close since society began.

If it continues, it is a new form of Nazism.

The death rate is nearing single figures, and those who are vulnerable have been vaccinated, and the R-rate remains where it needs to be despite schools reopening and rule flouting.

I say, open the doors! Let us out!

Let us discover the future, no matter how frightening it is… after all, it is our future.

Leigh G Banks, journalist, broadcaster and writer and the Publisher at The Leigh G Banks Preservation Society

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