Palliative loots, and vandalism: A dividend of bad governance

By Oluwole Olakunle

..News articles comments, counter comments and opinions emerging on the recent looting of palliatives materials (that was supposed to have been distributed during the heat of the pandemic) and vandalism, a theft that was unjustly fledged on privately owned properties by some wild, lawless, hungry, and disappointed Nigeria populace(mostly youths) as a result of the recent endsars protest is no doubt a condemnable act that was least expected from a generation spear-heading the reborn of a new nation, and

…Most of the comments made were to my opinion a (necessary) shots aiming too hard at the masses, sparing the political elites who started the thread of the ‘loots and vandalism’ in the first instance.

Don’t get me wrong at this juncture, the loot, the vandalism on both public and private properties by the masses (which is a result of the insensitivity showed by the government after a prolong and unanswered agitation to end police brutality on the citizens) is condemnable, no sane society will encourage that, but it seems everyone is looking away from what the other side of the story could look like which is apportioning the blames that belongs to our government (by this, I mean everyone in charge of making basic needs of livelihood accessible to the people of this nation), in creating the circumstances that led us to this deteriorating point in our country, we are directing too much of our anger on the poor, dejected, raped masses that were failed and stripped of their dignity both mentally and physically by those they entrusted with the power to coordinate and ensure an even flow of the commonwealth of the nation.

Imagine a state that was placed on a total lockdown without an adequate provision of one of the basic need of humanity at a time when fending for their personal needs has been hindered by an unavoidable global situation, and several denials by the so-called people in government as to making provision for the welfare of the people during the lockdown only to discover a few months later that a huge fraud was committed to that regard, an unjust and wicked act that put an end to so many precious lives during the covid lockdown, they must be made to answer for the wickedness and atrocity committed and be brought to justice, that will be a consolation to the masses and the dividend of civil society.

The law enforcement agencies have done a commendable job fishing out the hoodlums who perpetrated the evil acts of vandalism and ‘theft’ during the breakdown of law and order in the country, let the political class who killed many with the weapon called hunger during the lockdown also be brought to book, and as well-meaning Nigerians, this will be a great step in ending bad governance and achieving a much better Nigeria of our dream, don’t let us forget that leadership is like a model, if we fail to intensify efforts in making our leaders answerable to their actions and inactions in discharging their official duties diligently, it may not be that easy to get the followership on the right track.

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