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Realities of Donald Trump’s Victory in Nigeria

Even though the much expected and anxiety-provoking Presidential election in the United States of America has come and gone and a winner emerged, there is no gainsaying that the realities of Donald J Trump’s victory against “crooked Hillary” Clinton (and President Barrack Hussien Obama) are beginning to reflect and resonate in our clime and/or body politics – thereby making some of us to regain their seemingly lost senses in the way of doing thing while others (perhaps out of the subsisting shock arising from the outcome of the Presidential contest and the struggle to recover therefrom) are fast losing their own senses.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Anyway, the point is that it does appear that everyone is beginning to embrace the new wave of the emerging world order which is neither bi-polar nor uni-polar in nature – but rather Trumpist in outlook and reality (and which, as it were, signals an end to Clinton-Obama Islamist era of political correctness that has done the world more harm than good).

For clarity, back to our subject matter, I am not here to ridicule anybody or to deride folks for having expressed their political views with respect to the just concluded Presidential election in the United States of America. Also, it is not my intention to blame President Muhammadu Buhari-led government that apparently chose to maintain a palpably eloquent silence during the US Presidential contest in a predictably obvious support for and solidarity with President Barrack Obama’s candidate: the “crooked Hillary” Clinton (whose campaign organization –nay Clinton Foundation – the Buhari-led government allegedly and covertly gave the whopping sum of $500 million – equivalent to 150 billion Naira – at a time the country called Nigeria is gravely enmeshed in an unprecedented and worst economic downturn). Nonetheless, without doubt, it is my unmistakable resolve here that the truth must not just be told and upheld, but also must be told without fear or leaning towards political correctness.

That said, and first and foremost, it deserves a mention here that the “fame” which Pastor TB Joshua – the man behind the synagogue church of Nigeria – seemed to have garnered over the years for himself as a clairvoyant appears to have been so swiftly frittered away all because his counter-productive foray into political wilderness of prophesy – hallucination – of seeing the “crooked Hillary” Clinton as the winner of the just concluded US Presidential election, instead of Donald J Trump – the God’s ordained candidate and now the President-elect.

To say the least, this has summarily messed up Pastor TB Joshua and, moreover, calls to question the validity of his calling as a Christian and/or bible-conscious clairvoyant. This is more so curious considering the ongoing media reports quoting him as claiming – as an afterthought though – that “there was nothing controversial about the (his) prophesy” wherein he reportedly saw that the “crooked Hillary” Clinton won the US election.

As unfortunate as this hallucination is, suffice it to say that only in our clime will the likes of TB Joshua refuse to apologize for their “spiritual” blunders – ala prophesy. And even most annoying of it all is the unnecessary but futile attempt to blame his prophetic woes on “…human beings that are controversial”. Apparently referring to and blaming critics for the so-called misinterpretation of his prophesy, Mr. Joshua reportedly resorted to bragging that “we are not on the same level” of spirituality.

But as one may ask: who is contesting with Joshua on this point? Anyway, truth is that Donald Trump’s electoral victory in U.S has simply personified the pivotal role of the breeze in exposing the anus of the fowl, which in effect goes to impugn the validity of Pastor TB Joshua’s prophetic pretentions – thus serving as a demystification of the man behind the synagogue church.

Akin to this is the lingering issue of Prof. Wole Soyinka’s pre-election threat before his Oxford university audience to the effect that he would not hesitate to shred his United States’ green card in the event that Donald Trump defeated his apparently preferred candidate – the “crooked Hillary” Clinton. As it were, the world still awaits Prof. Wole Soyinka to make good his threat, rather than pussyfooting and hurling vocabularies at critics.

Though left to sober reflection, it does appear that the trouble with our erudite Prof. now is the reality that he has no illusions about the fact that his US green card is a national symbol of the American state (just like his Nigerian flag) which by simple reasoning does not deserve to be publicly destroyed in an apparently useless attempt to express petulance over Donald Trump’s election as the 45th President of the United States of America.

So beyond the daring façade of this reportedly planned public tearing of his US green card in order to register his opposition to American people’s choice of Donald J Trump as their next President, Prof. Wole Soyinka is certainly not ignorant of the fact that doing so amounts to assault on the “soul” and “personality” of the entity known as the United States of America.

Hence there may be no need reminding our dear Prof. that this sort of action, if carried out, will surely earn him the deserved status of a persona-non-grata – that is an undesirable element – in the United States of America. But be it as it may, this is yet another biting reality of Donald Trump’s electoral victory in Nigeria.

What is more, perhaps only a handful of people may still be living in fools’ paradise believing that it is still business as usual for the government of President Muhammadu Buhari . Though many might not have taken notice of it due to the fact that it was subtly orchestrated to look like a sheer coincidence, President Buhari’s feigned amiable disposition and abrupt invitation to the distinguished Senators of South-East geo-political zone – led by Chief (Senator) Ike Ekwerenmadu – to Aso Rock Presidential Villa – a day or so in the aftermath of Trump’s electoral victory in US, could not be unconnected with his sudden realization that the US President-elect will not, like the Islam-propagating President Barrack Hussien Obama, condone, support or encourage his current Buharislamization of Nigeria which the people of the South-East and Christians alike have borne the heaviest brunt of it – and which is fueling the ongoing mass agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra. Little wonder that the issue of releasing the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was reportedly on the top agenda during the foregoing session.

However, it need not be belaboured for Muhammadu Buhari to know that the current struggle for a sovereign state Biafra has clearly gone past meeting with a tiny minority of perpetually selfish and greedy political elements who do not in reality connect with the people they purportedly represent. Truth is that, only a referendum will squarely put the issue of Biafra agitation in Nigeria to rest – as was recently the case between Britain and the hitherto agitators for an independent state of Scotland.

Meanwhile, while we continue to experience in Nigeria the realities of Donald Trump’s electoral victory, it is imperative and, in fact, high time President Muhammadu Buhari released Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – a mere freedom fighter with no blood (yet) in his hands. Of course, it still boggles one’s mind how President Muhammadu Buhari finds it easier and comfortable to free, and in some instances reportedly rehabilitate, members of the Islamic terrorist Boko Haram sect while, at the same time, he is apparently scared of releasing an innocent and armless citizen whose only perceived “iniquity” against the Nigerian Islamists is his unhidden (Trump’s kind of) aversion to political correctness and the Nigerian version of the global Islamization agenda. All said, a stitch in time saves nine.

Onyiorah Paschal Chiduluemije, a Journalist, Writes from Abuja & can be contacted via: 07012130204