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Rejoinder: To Pseudonym Who Spite Peter Esele’s Letter On Oshiomhole

Edo 2020 and the rise of prevaricators: A rejoinder to a notorious pseudonym, who cowardly used Jude Omorodion, to spite Comrade Peter Esele’s missive on – why Adams Oshiomhole should kiss the exit door from APC National secretariat. An advertorial by Edo Transformation League, (ETL) 21st February 2020.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools speak because they have to say something ” Plato.


To start with, for those who have the rare privilege of sound upbringing and thoroughbred business calling – politics is a vocation and not a profession. There is no gainsaying the fact that Comrade Peter Esele is one of Nigeria’s quintessential statesmen of Edo State extraction, who is neither a milksop or a big-girls-blouse, whose stock in trade is speaking with both sides of their mouth or playing to the gallery of a psychologically lobotomized audiences, as nobody of audience will ever take Adams Oshiomhole seriously. Little wonder why every reputable Edo State social and political groups unreservedly want Adams Oshiomhole sacked from the exalted office of APC National Chairman.

The former President, -Trade Union Congress is not a lousy or globetrotting politician, but a consummate industrialist and a passionate pathfinder for Nigeria’s sociopolitical and economic rediscovery. Comrade Esele is an astute member of Edo State All Progressives Congress, he has paid his dues for the party, and keep paying his dues whenever the need arises. He is not an estranged member of APC as grotesquely portrayed by the homeless prevaricator, who authored the diatribe.

We read with awe and utter perturbation, a mischievously conceived and grotesquely circulated piece of write-up, which is at best classified as a piece of rotten mango, for want of a better description, because, it is undeserving of any intellectual quantification. No sane Nigerian will ever call any cerebral element of Comrade Peter Esele standing as a jobber.

As a consummate politician and industrialist, Comrade Peter Esele position on the immediate and unconditional sack of Oshiomhole is not different from what most eminent Nigerians of APC stock have expressed. Former SGF Babachir Lawal clarion call for Adams Oshiomhole sack is the most recent of top-notch public statements.

To start with, Comrade Peter Esele was a gubernatorial aspirant in 2016, he proved to all keen watchers, that, he was his own man and not one of those seeking godson baptism from Adams Oshiomhole self-serving godfatherism enterprise. His electoral campaign was ideologically driven, a pro- masses campaign, one that sought to liberate Edo from the cacophony of State-sponsored prevaricators, and re-enact the good old days of Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia, and Prof. Ambrose Ali administrations of old Midwest and Bendel State.

In the first paragraph of the hero (Adams Oshiomhole) worshipping diatribe, the pseudonym agreed that the mandate was freely given to APC gubernatorial candidate and his deputy was upturned by the supreme court for issues of dubious certificate claims.

The same Adams Oshiomhole who took glory for the election of APC gubernatorial candidate in the Bayelsa state should be humane for once, by taking responsibility for his lack of due diligence in under-studying the documents filled by APC candidates vis a viz INEC basic prerequisites for such a vital electoral contest It is not enough for political parasites or prevaricators to hide under pseudonym to attack those who have the option to be mute as cowards, while APC keep cascading into a pitiable pitfall; all the Peter Eseles – who rose above primordial sentiments to tell Oshiomhole to look straight to the mirror for the debilitating woes of APC are his (Oshiomhole) true friends.

The cyber cafe, where the good for nothing diatribe was authored is a stint through from Nigeria Prisons correctional centre on Sapele road, we will unveil the author if he doesn’t retreat from this parochial escapade.

At the risk of repetitive tendency, let us state clearly, that, no amount of contrived logic can exonerate Adams Oshiomhole from the foretold calamity that befell Chief David Lyon and APC in Bayelsa State, and beyond stepping down, Adams Oshiomhole must tender an unreserved apology in major public space to the chief flag bearer (David Lyon), President Buhari, and APC family in Bayelsa especially, because, Chief Timipre Sylver and other key players forewarned the national secretariat of going ahead with the Deputy Governorship candidate’s choice, they had more than an insider knowledge about his background.

Beware of throwing stones at Edo patriots, Comrade Peter Esele is a next-generation minded politician, and a consummate industrialist, whose expressions are products of painstaking thoughts processes, and thus embraced by very distinguished audiences in Nigeria and the global community.

Barr. Broderick Owamagbe Enabulele,
National Coordinator,
Edo Transformation League
No. 3 Paschal Olumese Drive, off Airport Road, Benin City.