Should Christian Soldiers Be Careful on The Battlefield?

Islamic cleric and a top negotiator with bandits have revealed that bandits believe they are being sent to be killed by Christian soldiers and hence, positioning bandits and other criminal elements as agitators.

This is dangerous even as a military aircraft carrying seven people on board crashed yesterday in Abuja.

Gumi giving money to Bandits leaders

Most of the dead were Southerners and Christians said to be on an assignment to rescue Kagara victims according to Sahara Reporters.

The military cannot afford to be compromised by religious and ethnic chauvinism at this time of our nation’s history.

Former Senator, Sheu Sanni has warned that “Referencing our soldiers as Muslims or Christians is a condemnable act. It’s divisive & toxic.

“The security challenges in our country demand a united action and national solidarity. Sowing the seeds of religiosity in the minds of our troops on the frontlines is noxious & dangerous.”

Since the federal government has decided to honour bandits more than the families of those whose lives were lost by their activities, it is going to be an unending war.

The fact that Sheikh Abubakar Gumi has continued to present a religious angle to this issue is worrisome and it threatens Nigeria’s unity and sets the military against itself.

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