The Black Man and His Money: The Cause of Poverty

The Black Man and His Money: The Cause of Poverty

Do you know why poverty keeps increasing in Nigeria? The Value of Money!!! I had written to a UK based NGO recently and they were pleased with my project unfortunately, they could not issue the grant because the charity was established to support only those within the UK.

I had informed them there was no single Foundation for such in Nigeria, a country of 200 million people. Those White folks had to send me links of organizations still based in the UK but support Africans with similar works and even offered to give out recommendations.

According to recent figures, N36 trillion is saved in banks across the country. Nigerians have money but they are literarily locked up in banks because they don’t know how to spend it or what to do with it.

No wonder why people always pray to God for money. God is like “Haba! Why are these people keep calling me? Is that not why I blessed so so so and so?” People should never have to pray to God for money in this country when they have a skill and a talent to showcase. It’s freaking the heavens out because it’s absurd.

The Black Man holds money hostage like a kidnapper and takes pride in it. While those White folks keep lifting their rising stars, we have made our own to look up to heavens and our religion is turning people into beggars before God.

As a thinker, who spends a lot of time meditating, I can boldly say, the whole idea of money to a black man as a channel to others, is foreign. Your values will ultimately determine your actions.

Money in Africa is a source of ego and trust me, we can spend huge on burial ceremonies than on the living. Musicians are invited to eulogize and shower us with praises while the head of the individual swells as his pocket draws out cash like an ATM.

While our relatives and neighbours need a lift out of their woes, we relish in our vanities. No foundations, no scholarship support fund, no endowment program but we love to “empower” people with cash while the camera roll and the media is invited.

Why are we like this?

I hope Africans can take a personal retrospect at their lives and what they value in their pursuit of greatness. If the foundations of values are laid on the concretes of vanities, the outcome of actions will be undesirable. We must begin to build wealth for a purpose, a worthy purpose to take our people out of poverty and a posterity.

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