The Truth About Buhari’s “Lazy” Nigerian Youths



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By Ayegba Israel Ebije

I feel so distanced from the anger many Nigerian youths are venting on President Muhammadu Buhari on his comment allegedly targeted at Nigerian youths. He was without ethnic bias (which is rare) and no time frame in his assertion. Our dear president may not have included himself but in generalization of this magnitude, he is part of the lazy chunk and that includes his dear children (very unfortunate – a time frame would have been more precise).

The Truth About Buhari's
Buhari, Oyegu and others in London

The problem, which many Nigerians have with the president only reflects on their failure to understand that he is only playing the league with world leaders, dusting off the local Nigeria tuff to give them breaking news nuggets
– call it de-marketing, that’s your problem. It is time we realize that our president feels more at home abroad, with very intelligent opinion about Nigeria and Nigerians – take it or leave it, that is how he has been able to unwind and rejuvenate lost energy after hard presidential work.

As Nigerians waste their time assessing the weight of PMB position on the youths, some Nigerian youths are already making telecom service providers smile to the banks as the rate of data purchase will increase in the next few days. Armchair analysts will take over the cyberspace to embellish the position of our dear president. As some people desperately type away their defense or dismay, so many man hour is put into it, sweats rolling down their foreheads, with curses on their lips, eyes waning off against the deem lights of their old rickety mobile phones, while enduring platoons of mosquito dive-suckers in their dinghy homes without electricity or water to bath, the information will trend until it fizzles off.

If you are so hurt by Mr. presidents position, please denounce Nigeria and remove yea henceforth to Cameroon, Benin, Niger or where your comfort may be guaranteed within or without the neighborhood countries. Fifty years ago, the likes of Buhari ruled Nigeria in their prime with free education (an opportunity not used by many of them),
free everything including government provided infrastructures, for them to enjoy. With little or no formal education they triumphed over the relics of colonialism, rhetoric’s of first republic, to lead the country largely on dead reckoning (that is why Nigeria is largely dead based on their infantile reckoning which persists till date). They hardly got the privilege of having role models, except for whatever their limited understanding reckoned was okay for Nigeria. They continued to perfect their failures fifty years on. At least a child born when Buhari was contributing in affairs of governance is fifty years old and hopeful to be a leader of an elusive tomorrow.

Buhari is very angry with Nigerian youths and that is for good reasons. If you think he doesn’t know what many youths do on the internet for or against him, then, we have taken our laziness beyond Buharis understanding of the word “lazy”. Buhari may not have time to read much but has ears (after treatment) to listen to gossips (especially how he is being praised). Those who praised him to high heavens informed his decision to re-contest. All that and the fact that an “inconsequential” secondary school certificate could not be tendered yet his candidature was massively approved by youths who mostly wield at least a first degree, gave him reason to vent his spleen on how so much energy is engineered in making him come back when they know he had said he is too old to go beyond a first term.

Now he has to face the tiring presidential duties for another four years for youths who ordinarily should be in power – just as his good old friends IBB and OBJ have recently harped on. Buhari with his integrity status is besides himself with anger as he watch youths with all their academic skill sets continue to push him “against his wish” to rule Nigeria despite all they know about his intelligence and academic level. I feel so sorry for the old man who is so occupied with maters of security and economy – he only declared his interest to re-contest and that is it, he is not interested – only acting on pressure from lazy youths.

This is how you know you are a lazy youth, a best of the best for nothing; once you are a youth and your marriage did not crash the internet or bring the president and all the political class to your reception. If you are a youth and you have not crashed a multi-million naira power bike and the nation stood still for your recovery. If you are a youth and did not school abroad, fly presidential jets chattered flights, first class cruise, hope to lead from where your parents stopped without any effort order than being born into certain families, then you are simply lazy. You are also lazy if you paid your school fees, provide job for yourself as barber, shop owner, mechanic, bricklayer, farmer after graduating with good degree. You are lazy when you provide virtually all infrastructural amenities for yourself including roads, electricity, water. You can now see that the president is more hardworking mentally than many of us spilling venom over his “innocent” comment before international media.

Our “lazy” youths should be prepared for harder times abroad. Their president has alerted international communities that his subjects are equipped with nothing but trouble. It is only true that options available to a lazy person is to look for easy money usual achievable through crime. For all the Nigerians presently adding value in
critical spheres of human endeavor outside Nigeria, I wish them more thick skins as moral discriminatory darts will be thrown at them after the “voice of the Crane” has spoken.

For all the lazy Nigerian youths, it is time to get your voters cards, show for the first time since independence how hard working you are to vote in Buhari for a second term. The world is not tired of us parading an old hardworking president. They will like to see him beyond 2019 to dish them the meal of comic relief each time he embarks on one of his numerous “family” visits to Europe. Our indefatigable president is in the league of great leaders with high intellectual understanding of the color of painting before them as the basic reality of the world. With no requisite certificate except military training, with fragile health and old age he is ruling over very lazy academic juggernauts young enough to be his grand children, but not too young to rule. He deserves our respect and we the youths should bow our heads in shame and accept we are indeed very lazy.

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