How to control, prevent or eliminate political violence

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"Political violence is a threat to election as well as development of any society. How can it be controlled, prevented or eliminated. "

Fulani herdsmenPolitical violence is violence outside of state control that is politically motivated. Some political scientists see political violence as part of “contentious politics” or collective political struggle, which includes such things as revolutions, civil war, riots and strikes, but also more peaceful protest movements.

In a nation like Nigeria where the security circumstance is exceptionally poor, covetous politicians determine joy in steering up contentions, especially when policies are not in their favours.

Security officials, journalists that are supposed to be watched dogs to the masterminds are also caught up in the game by receiving brown envelopes.

Political violence can't be eliminated anywhere in the world, and can't be controlled in Nigeria where the politicians have succeeded in diminishing the youths to nothing in order to having them in their palms.

Unemployment has extended the control of political geniuses to complete their grievous act. Young people who graduate from universities without employments engage in repulsive activities to survive.

Absence of Justice: A nation that has a tendency to repay scoundrels, lawbreakers as opposed to dispose of them would have the numbers expanded as it is in the case of Nigeria.. Greedy politicians acquire deadly weapons which typically are not authorized, for their devotees to intimidate political foes while the security officials observe and turn left.

Niger Delta for instance, that had however battled for equality of national assets had likewise engaged in a few violations that were compensated rather than denounced. Government ordinarily ask for dialogue while wrongdoings conferred are excused the minute agreement are reached

The Federal government in spite of the achievement recorded in the battle against Boko Haram, has not quit seeking dialogue so as to safeguard the more than 200 Chibok young ladies kidnapped in 2014 which means the government would meet some conditions listed by the terrorist groups.

Nigerian federal government, both previous and current have promised to reveal the faces behind the terrorist group in the North East. But today, the same virus that affected the previous administration from exposing the scourge has muted the current.

It is believed that Boko Haram is a group formed by a group of politicians who felt aggrieved over the policies of the country which has given rise to youths who could barely feed twice a day to walk around with weapons expensive enough to buy them a better standard of living.

Be that as it may, there might be measures to check political savagery:

1. Provide employment
2. Initiate a policy of "Do the crime, do the time" even after dialogue.
3. Stop encouraging criminals with fat rewards.
4. Even distribution of resources
5. Promote regional and ethnic peace
6. Total halt of deceit from government officials.
7. Corrupt security men, journalists should be checked.

On the whole, the moment a crime is left unchecked, super forces are bound to join powers for selfish gains.

Elder Ehi Ekhator.

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