June 12 Democracy Day: A Country Without A Hero

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Nigeria, the most conspicuous African country, is blessed with various characteristic resources yet horrendous and repulsive leaders.

Since independence, the nation has battled to put its feet on the ground, but, it stays above water.

Nigerians are committed patriots and confident individuals; they wish and appeal for a better day, notwithstanding various manipulating "imbeciles" that enjoyed taken benefit of the artless residents over the years.

June 12 Democracy Day
June 12 Democracy Day

Regardless of the reprobates, Nigerians continue expecting a superhero in a country where the heroes are either imprisoned or killed.

June 12 is a recognized day, a day when patriots assemble to celebrate democracy. June 12 was previously known as Abiola Day, celebrated in Lagos and some southwestern states of Nigeria.

On June 6, 2018, eight days after May 29, 2018, celebrated as Democracy Day, the President Buhari-led Federal Government of Nigeria proclaimed June 12 to be the new Democracy Day.

It was done to commemorate the democratic election of MKO Abiola on June 12, 1993, in what was viewed as Nigeria's freest and fairest elections.

Like a criminal in the night, Ibrahim Babangida cancelled and imprisoned Abiola after he proclaimed himself the President.

All things considered, the late Chief MKO Abiola strangely kicked the bucket in jail subsequent to drinking tea during the negotiation of his freedom. He coughed in the presence of Kofi Annan and later died in the hospital.

In another words, MKO was killed in detainment by the individuals who still meander the street. Another hero killed before the very eyes of the powerless.

IN 1995, Ken Saro-Wiwa, a known activist from Ogoniland was held in Port Harcourt prison. His only crime was his outspokenness, audacity and his dream for a better Nigeria.


He was arrested and sentenced to death by the Sani Abacha military government. On November 10, 1995, the activist and eight others were taken from the army base in Port Harcourt in the guise that Ogoni youths might attack the prison.

The soldiers herded the prisoners in a single line with their wrists and ankles shackled. They were executed by hanging. Saro-Wiwa was first, and their bodies were taken to the Port Harcourt Cemetery under armed guard and buried.

His last words were, "Lord, take my soul, but the struggle continues."

Killing activists and heroes isn't new in Nigeria. Therefore, when Mr Buhari threatened to deal with the Igbos "in the language they understand", Nigerians took it personally. Mr Buhari was a young brigade major during the Biafra war that saw more than 2 million Igbos slaughtered.

Across Nigeria today, June 12, 2021, the street was occupied by the hurt, deceived, manipulated, furious hordes burnt out on the steady void and dangers to their future.

Muhammadu Buhari, the current President, rode to office on the void felt by numerous individuals under the past administration led by Goodluck Jonathan.

The saviour, many considered him a trooper, honest, enthusiastic, rescuer regardless of the fanaticism, nepotism, and bias signs related with him before.

Six years into his administration, Nigerians are more divided, destitute, frightened and disappointed than ever. In the meantime, the President sits in his extravagance, takes vacation abroad, enhance his families, employ his kinfolks, and still claimed that aggrieved Nigerians are unfair.

In an interview granted to the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) on Friday, Buhari said, "we will never do well with those who want to oppose us." The President still lives in denial, claiming the dying population are very unfair.

Mr Buhari remembered that he campaigned on security, saying, "it is just commonsense. We have to secure our country or an establishment to manage it properly."

The Giant lacks commonsense as it hasn't occurred to him that insecurity is a scourge and has deteriorated under his administration. While the north is battling Boko Haram, ISWAP and Fulani desperados, the south is busy combating similar Fulani outlaws and now "unknown gunmen" targetting government institutions in the South East.

It didn't occur to Mr Buhari that many students are snatched from their schools and inns consistently, and not all return to their families alive.

It hasn't occurred to the President that farmers are being murdered and their spouses assaulted in their farmlands by herdsmen he has spent his time on earth protecting.

Mr Buhari doesn't know that individuals are drained and fighting out of control inflations in a country where a large number of young people are jobless. He is heedless to the steady college and doctors' strikes.

The President isn't conscious of the empty medical clinic structures with untrained specialists, absence of equipment and medications.

When asked, "is there any hope that we will see a Nigeria that is free of security concerns before you leave office", Buhari replied "that is my hope, that is what I want, and I said the number one thing is security. If you don't secure the country, people won't invest."

Mr Buhari claimed his administration is doing his best, accusing his enemies of attempting to sabotage his effort. As usual, Mr Buhari has never taken responsibility for anything, and he gets whatever he wants by force.

Democracy day gives Nigerians the chance to stand up in spite of dangers from the public authority canines in uniform—Nigeria, a country in search of a superhero but governed by a scalawag in Aso rock who disregard democracy.


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