Is PDP Armada Sinking?


There is this Yoruba idiom that says ‘Akuko Ko; which literally translates to: ‘a cock has crowed’, which means an influential personality has passed away. Can Nigerians really take it and relate it to the current happenings within the PDP hierarchy?

Current news and events emanating  from Wadata Plaza, PDP headquarters give the impression that the ‘cock has in deed crowed’. From chair Bamanga Tukur’s uneasiness, to PDP’s NWC’s impending dissolution, Chief Tony Anenih’s unpopular posture, factions within PDP  governors’ forum, President Goodluck Jonathan’s helplessness, ministers and NASS members at loggerheads, then we are surely witnessing PDP seeming disintegration by 2015. The once mighty PDP armada is gradually sinking and caving in to APC’s invading battleships.

With Muhammadu Buhari and Bola Tinubu’s APC’s impressive and strong followings, PDP armada is gradually sinking and the cock has crowed! The current PDP’s travails could be traced to its long years of failure to adhere to internal democracy, policy of kill and divide as well as come chop and who will arrest me? APC should learn from these by allowing effective internal democracy and neither imposing unpopular candidates on the electorate nor dishing out  elective posts to the highest bidders.

The effect of PDP’s ineptitude is being felt across all sectors and parts of Nigeria; unemployment, corruption, insecurity, crude oil thefts and dearth of infrastructure. Things are no longer at ease and the centre can no longer hold for PDP. This may be the end of PDP as one sees the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari and Bola Tinubu’s APC changing the nation’s political equation. Some aggrieved PDP members are sure of defecting to APC as things unravel.

PDP’s superfluous projections of ruling Nigeria for 50 years will be confined to a dustbin of failed prediction by 2015. The tacit endorsement of Chief Tony Anenih by President Jonathan over Olusegun Obasanjo [eru o bodo] is indeed an obsequies for PDP. The entire southwest PDP caucus and congresses is still firmly in the hands of Obasanjo  and with the alleged marginalization of the southwest by the Jonathan administration, PDP should forget the entire southwest in 2015.

Many who know Obasanjo can testify to his unforgiving nature. Everyone knows that he is very vindictive. He once seized Lagos State revenue allocation from the Federation Account when Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the governor. It was to punish Lagos state for creating additional local government councils. Obasanjo’s self titled book, This Animal Called Man is a testimony to these facts. The recent formation of PDP Governors’ Forum to clip the wings of Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi owing to his alleged over bearing influence and to possibly nail his vice-presidential ambition, is already crumbling like a pack of cards. This is another ominous sign of greater problems for PDP as we approach the 2015 general elections.

I don’t see PDP making inroads in the southwest in 2015 as they are already boasting. northcentral is in the firm grip of Niger State Governor, Dr Babangida Muazu Aliyu, northwest is ready to align with Muhammadu Buhari, northeast can go either way for both PDP or APC, southsouth undecided, while southeast which is Nigeria’s political footstool will go for either APC or PDP.

PDP which was formed by Nigeria’s best politicians and progressives was later hijacked by moneybags and later turned to personal fiefdom. What will the G18 and later G32 founding members of PDP be thinking now, seeing their visions and dreams gradually slipping into extinction?

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