It's Over, Nigerian President's Sperms Are Shooting Blanks As The Country Struggle For A Better Leader

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A former enthusiastic Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari declared publicly to Nigerians that his gun has no bullets.

The self-acclaimed 79-year-old President told the interviewer on Thursday that "he has given his best to Nigerians."

"I have been a governor, minister and now a second term as president; what else can I do for this country," he added.

Mr President's statement isn't surprising to millions of Nigerians who had lost hope in him, but a huge blow to the few who still thought he had something new to bring to the table.

The President attributed his service to his time as Military Governor, Minister, therefore, wants Nigerians to acknowledge that he had given everything to them.

This isn't the first time the President had told Nigerians that his sperms are shooting blanks.

Mr President didn't have any strategy to revive the economy when he first came into power as he wasn't sure he would win, having contested three times and failed.

After assuming office in 2015, it took him six months to form his cabinet, earning him the name "Baba go low".

In July 2020, Speaking with state house correspondents after joining his family members and some top government officials to observe the Eid El-Kabir prayers at the presidential villa in Abuja, the President said, "Nigerians know that we have done our best."

Muhammadu Buhari Shoots Sperm Blanks
Muhammadu Buhari Shoots Sperm Blanks

"I want Nigerians to be very conscious of their country and what we inherited when we came in 2015 was Boko Haram in the north-east and the militancy in the south-south… Nigerians know that we have done our best," he said.

The following year, July 2021, Buhari met his party members in his home town, Daura, where he made a similar comment.

"We have done our best and thank God for what we have been able to achieve with the available resources. Otherwise, we would have been in trouble," he explained.

"Intellectuals and historians should be fair to us so that those who are looking for leadership positions will not exploit the political ignorance or lack of knowledge of the people," Mr Buhari further stated.

It is obvious that the hopes many Nigerians had when they first voted for Buhari had evaporated into the air, and they must fend for themselves amid insecurity and poverty.

In December 2021, the State governor of Mr Buhari's hometown urged residents to pick up arms and defend themselves, saying the government cannot do everything.

Governor Aminu Masari said this during a media parley with journalists at Mr Buhari's house in Kastina.

Masari said, "It's Islamically allowed for one to defend himself against attack. One must rise to defend himself, his family and assets. If you die while trying to defend yourself, you'll be considered a martyr. It's surprising how a bandit would own a gun while a good man trying to defend himself and his family doesn't have one," the governor said.

"We'll support those who come with the initiative to procure arms because residents need to also complement the efforts of security agencies."

The governor added, expressing the inadequacies of Mr Buhari's performance over the years. "These people (security agents) don't have the number to protect the people. WhenPresident Buharicame, he even tried by increasing the number of our security agents, but it was inadequate. Count it yourself, how many policemen do we have in this country? How many soldiers do we have?"

President Buhari, whose ear wax hasn't been cleaned for years, is deaf to the recent record that over 98 million, 47.3 per cent of the 206 million Nigerians, are in poverty.

Channels Television aired an interview with Mr President on Wednesday during which a journalist confronted him with six years of data, according to PremiumTimes report.

"When you took over in 2015, our debt stock at the time was about 12 trillion; now it's about 32 trillion. The inflation rate was about 9 per cent; it's now sitting at about 15 per cent; the unemployment rate was about 9.2 per cent, it's now at about 32.2 per cent; exchange (rate) was about N197 to a dollar, now it's way over N400 to a dollar.

"Now people would look back and say before you took over, some of these indicators were fair, and now the figures are not friendly at all," the journalisttold Mr Buhari.

The Nigerian leader responded, advising Nigerians to "go back to the farm."

"All I know is that we have to allow people to have access to the farm. We just have to go back to the land," the President said.

Knowing the security challenges over the years as herdsmen massacre farmers in their farmlands, angry Nigerians say the President's comment is insensitive.

Nigerians took to social media to lambaste their President.

Abdulwahab Amedu commented; Perhaps PMB may have made a good president if this were 1980. But with technology taking the world by storm and creating millionaires and billionaires all over the world, all he could think of was farming. He is not the right President for this young generation.

Adebowale Adelagun wrote; Buhari has performed woefully on his subjects of the campaign, which are: security, economy and corruption. Unfortunately, he's deluded and believes that he's doing well. We, the citizen, bear the brunt and fallouts of his too low for zero performance.

Mr Buhari's interview exposed his state of mind as he is not in touch with reality and the actual position of the country he is governing.

In December 2021, Nigeria Consumer Price Index increased by 15.40, meaning that Nigeria's inflation rate stood at 15.40 per cent in December from 15.49 a month earlier, premium Times report.

"In the last six years of Mr Buhari in power, Nigeria's jobless rate more than quadrupled as the economy went through two recessions and cast a shadow over the government's efforts to address the socio-economic crisis in the oil-producing country," Premium Times analysis disclosed.

The NBS report in March 2021, Bloomberg quoted, showed that unemployment in Nigeria surged to the second-highest on a global list of countries.

"The jobless rate in Nigeria rose to 33.3 per cent in the three months through December (2020), according to a report published by the National Bureau of Statistics on its website Monday. That's up from 27.1 per cent in the second quarter of 2020, the last period for which the agency released labour-force statistics."

The People Democratic Party (PDP) lashed at the President, asking him to "show remorse, apologize to Nigerians for his monumental failure and national embarrassment."

Dr Pedro Obaseki, President-General of the Midwest Peoples Movement, compares Mr Buhari's performance to a "coffin" while calling the President "undertaker."

In response to SG query, Dr Obaseki said, 'His "Best" equals "Zero!" Nigeria was a dying nation, but instead of resuscitating the nation and providing Hope, Buhari provided a "Coffin!'

He added, 'In a simple sentence, Buhari is Nigeria's "Undertaker".'

Osaro Ibizugbe, a Civil and Human Rights Activist and Political Analyst. Convener, The Association of Concerned Citizens of Nigeria (ACCON) threw a jibe at the National Assembly who has continued to "condone and excuse his failures."

"Buhari isn't half as guilty as those in other positions of responsibility, who continue to condone and excuse his failures, such as members of the National Assembly!" Mr Ibizugbe said.

An Italian based Nigerian medical doctor, Isaac Guobadia, isn't surprised by Buhari's statement as he described the Nigerian leader as "a hypothetic leader."

Dr Guobadia said, "It's evidenced that Buhari is not in charge and has never been in charge. How can you blame a hypothetic leader?

"He is tired to play the role he is playing right now. He has a lot of secrets to put on board; for party sake, he is mute. His integrity is in shambles for so many reasons."

On Monday, the Presidency attempted damage control after negative reactions that trailed his boss's interview.

Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, said his boss only contested in 2015 after Nigerians pressured and persuaded him.

The 79-year-old Sunni Muslim had unsuccessfully contested all three of the country's presidential polls since 2003.

Contrary to Shehu's position, Buhari told Nigerians and the All Progressives Congress members on May 13, 2015, while he contested in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 presidential elections.

Buhari said he had contested that many times because he wanted freedom for Nigeria.

"Going through the court is not easy, both materially and physically, and I maintained that consistency because my view about my country is that Nigeria should be truly free," The then-president-elect told APC members.

In 2011, Mr Buhari cried openly after losing a general election, which - he had laid at the time, would be his last bid for the Presidency.

In his defence, Shehu said, "The President can be very casual sometimes in speaking and jovial and jocularly; I think this is what people fail to understand of him. They need to understand how he was persuaded and pressured to even run in the first instance.

"He had served as governor, minister and military Head of State, and that's the highest it could get. He had retired home, and Nigerians came and said, you are the right person for this moment; we need you. It took some persuasion.

"So, yes, it is right for the person to say he has given his best, and when the time is up, some other person will take over."

With all the enthusiasm, optimizing, the hope Mr Buhari brought to Nigerians in 2015, it seems the President had had nothing to offer his country as he cannot wait to vacate Aso Rock and return home.

Buhari said during the Thursday interview that, "About my age, I see my colleagues, they are now resting, and I assure you that I look forward to the next 17 months when I too will be less busy.

"The age is telling on me, working now for six, seven to eight hours per day in the office is no joke — there are questions of the executive council, memos from as many states as possible to be considered virtually every week. Really, it's a lot of hard work, but as I've said, I asked for it, and I cannot complain."

Buhari's gun has no bullets, his sperms are shooting blanks, and his inefficiency, ineptitude, and negligence have left Nigerians pregnant with sorrow, tears and blood.

Nigeria is at war with itself, with the President taking side with his kinsmen. The country deteriorated under Mr Buhari's watch while he continued to feign ignorance.

The recognition and acknowledgement the president seek for a job he had woefully failed at shows a total disconnection between him and the people as if he hadn't seen the direction of the narrative, or perhaps, he is an "illiteratus" who cannot read the daily travesty on newspapers.

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