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Nigeria my Treasure, Your Treasure, Our Treasure

Truly, it’s cryonic but there are still much need to cement unity and progress in our dear Nation. This is 53 years after independent of Nigeria but many things are still going wrong, many sectors of our economic are still on the wrong ring just like a 53 year old child that can’t boast of any sumptuous price for her life. But however, I can immensely opt that something is seriously wrong somewhere, for the past 53 years, i can’t define a formidable stand that could amply tell about us as a country with sovereignty. All we can fathom is Negativism without boundary where part of a country could be ceded to a neighboring country because of leadership selfishness and many other evil deeds.

Factually, we have cried for a very long time, but unarguably we owe a price to our innocent country that has been marred by the leadership misfortunes, we have lost every beat of trust and hope in our leadership, but I want to emphatically deduce our mind towards the undoubtful fact, Nigeria is ours, like a popular adage has it, where a person’s wealth and treasure lays is always where his heart is. Nigeria is our own treasure, it belongs to me and you not to the hopeless and insensitive leadership of this country, as such it’s our duty call to make her smile again. Be it as it may, in any war the casualties are not only the dead but does who live to morn them.
Let us start now comfortably to believing amply that we should not leave the society the way we met it, think rather what you will do for your Nation Nigeria, persuade to change the face of Nigeria, if we don’t do it , who then will do it for me and you?. Our country is our pride, our future and our treasure. Habaa! All we need is to make change our view point, let us build confident and faith in our selves then assays to exhibit them. The chance we have to tackle our challenges is right before us now, when Yoruba will love the Igbos, the Hausas will believe in the south southerners and everyone will start believing in themselves wholeheartedly.

This country holds a great historical antecedent, we fought together very much despite the religious and culture affiliation, why are we destroying the great formidable house we build by ourselves? Those man destroy a house he built why can’t we make our generation as lucky as the generations of the Chinua Achebe, Ziks like whom their generation was believed to be extraordinary, all these where possible because, they stood together figurative and literally inspired at the dawn of their era. And I ask, why are we beating this child to unbearable? If not for our own foolishness, Nigeria would have been the best country in these whole wide world, many will ponder I know, but giving the facts behind cradle of Nationalism of our dear Nation, one can amply fathom that we are bigger than the level we are today.

Point blankly, though colonially, but the Administration of the Britain in Nigeria where expertly in cline in spite of that they were sent away because of our Nationalists who had the burning desire for independence and fought for it where there are body of young and old people that the old generate admire so pretty; that is the light of Herbert Marcauley born during nineteen century and the first president of Nigeria National democratic party (NNDP);P which was found in 1922.

The future of Nigeria is more than bright, the oil, iron, coal, Agriculture etc. are there, why are we fooling ourselves? The cradle of leadership in Nigeria started pretty well right from the colonial days along the line there was a breach which we must try to amend, this child has cried for a very long time I think it’s time to cuddle her.

Haven’t presumable deciphered coherent analytical expressions of Nigeria polity I humbly wish to reiterate another ample suggestion, Nigeria today need a get together where they will have a superb and well participatory National conference. In this long series National conference, the blood of innocent soul wasted starting from the day of National struggle down to Boko Haram in surgence must be appeased. Our Nigeria soil and water has suffered an even greater moral-shattering blow with the death of so many daring and enigmatic heroes who would have risen to a greater height today in saving our country’s face (Chinua Achebe). Again before we vote a candidate let us set out time to look into their past Administrative life. According to (Chinua Achebe) in his work there was a country, the successful leadership of the British colonial ever was due to the expertize of their style. If any candidate does not have credible Administrative chronicle he/she is not qualify to a political leader of our darling Nation.

More so, we should engross dialogue instead of destruction, I remember the record of history convening the citadel press in Enugu and how destructive it was because of war and I was appalled at the scale of destruction that has befallen that small building. It was as if there was an agree mission sent to silence and pulverized the monumental building of citadel press. This is work of person or people with an ax of grind. Today we can never have that which depicts the citadel press again thus, dialogue promote than war/destruction.

Let come together as one believing in a common goal of sustainable development (SD) ethnicity, primordial, patrimonial, favoritism, greed, looting and killing, cabalism etc. will not help us, if we do this, Nigeria will smile again.

Again, don’t give up; we can’t say enough once there is still life there is hope. Falling down is not inevitable but rising up is optional. Frankly, you can’t appreciate sun if you haven’t been through a heavy rain. Yes life is tough in Nigeria, but what do you do in a tough moment? Or do you sit down and fill sorry for yourself? Rise up Nigerians consider yourself strong and keep going, the grave yard they say, is then richest place on earth because therein lies so many who died with the dreams Nigeria needed to survive, so my advice is that we should not give up, if America, China, Britain Spain, Russia etc. can make Nigeria can equally make it large.
Long live Federation of Igbo Students, long live Nigeria..


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