Senate's Ridiculous Allowance: On Revelation According to Sani

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By Trevor Oluwole

The Recent disclosure made by the Senator Representing the Kaduna Central Constituency under the umbrella of the All Progressive Congress APC, Sen. Sheu Sanni concerning the gigantic compensation of the Nigerian Senior Federal legislator has incited an intense level-headed discussion over the theme of reasonableness in Leadership and resources sharing in the country.

Shehu Sani
Shehu Sani

According to Sani who is a radical dissident, each Senator aside their month to month N750,000 pay gets N13.5 million as a monthly running expense, not minding other enormous remittances, for example, the Constituency recompense which all alone races to Billions of Naira.

On the record of this disclosure, 109 Senators are getting around N1.5 billion every month as running cost, which sums N18 billion yearly, my inquiry is what have they been running, has the cash been utilized for what it was implied for in their individual Constituencies?

It is clarified that the Senate can't dispute Sani's claim, has the Senate President, Bukola Saraki with his partner, Yakubu Dogara of the House of Representative since declined to answer inquiries on the financial rascality of the National Assembly and this is a test on their Leadership Transparency and Accountability as the Saraki's driven Senate is yet to issue an open articulation concerning this issue since the Revelation was made, not to invalidate the announcement by the Kaduna Senator.

This disclosure, in one way or the other, is getting to the APC led government's anti-graft war. It is mind blowing that, for example, this could be executed under the Buhari's dispensation of "Zero tolerance for Corruption" (perhaps they are so much diverted by the indictment of the opposition, the PDP) that they could be so inhumane to the present Economical state and the Huge rate of Unemployment among qualified Citizens, not to discuss its inconsiderate stand about the issue of the Minimum wage.

On ways by which we could chop down the costs of running a costly assembly as this particularly in a period when Nigeria is barely breathing, I will jump at the chance to prescribe that the National Assembly be declared a voluntary post with No succulent monetary advantages/stipends connected, they should go to Abuja at whatever point their considerations are required and receive their sitting recompenses, subsequently making it low maintenance/Voluntary sense of duty regarding their country, In that astute, it is just those that are devoted and those with a real ideas that will wander into contesting for the seats and this will one way or the other check the issue of Political gofatherism and Do or Die Politics. '

Sanni has made his stamp with this disclosure, enlisting himself One of the Agents of the genuine Change that we look for, it's about time that we saw a greater amount of Patriotic Activist, and People-focused Revolutionary pioneers like this on our Corridor of Political power.

As to this, I energize More of any semblance of 'Shehu Sanni' to turn out and take an interest in dynamic governmental issues. What's more, I encourage Nigerian electorates to be full scale to vote more dependable pioneers other than doing the 'Pocket Politics' particularly this season when another general decision is quick drawing nearer. This is one of the manners by which we can get our Leadership for genuine Change right and consequently reestablish our extraordinary Nation back as the Giant she uses to be.

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