What We Learned After Trump's Acquittal

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The Senate voted 57-43 could not get the required two-thirds majority (67 votes). While both sides of the divide, Republicans and Democrats continue to react over the botched impeachment of Donald Trump even after leaving office, here are some things we learned;

Firstly, that established institutions cannot override public sentiments and political vendetta. It shows the weakness of Democracy in this regard as well as, its necessity.

The constitutional requirements of the law will always play out and stand tall even when political actors seek misuse as was in the case of Bill Clinton and his impeachment trial as well. Donald Trump will remain the only President of the US to be impeached by the Congress twice and also acquitted by the Senate twice.

Secondly, it shows what is already evident in American democracy – divisions along political lines. It is very easy for a Senate or Congress filled with a particular political party to move impeachment motion for a sitting President while the other protects its own.

It is unlikely for instance if the Democrats will be willing to move impeachment motion against a Democrat President. That could be political suicide.

Also, it is quite clear that the US model of Democracy is not perfect and cannot be copied. Every country can adopt a model of Democracy that works for them.


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