Ekiadolor Closure: What Sin did Edo South Commit To Deserve This? - BNC writes Obaseki

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The Benin National Congress, BNC has written a strongly worded memo to the Executive Governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki on issues bothering on the closure of College of Education, Ekadolor, and Iguoriakhi.

The school was allegedly upgraded to Akpata University during the former governor, Adams Oshiomhole's administration, At the same time, Edo University, Iyamoh was built from scratch.

The BNC, in a memo dated February 28, 2018, by the Vice President, Administration, Evang. Ralph Osaigbokan Onaghise said it has dispassionately x-rayed the psychological trauma that the children, wards and colleagues (students and staff of the hitherto college of Education) are going through having regards to the obliteration of the existence of one of the foremost colleges of Education in Nigeria vide an act of Edo State House of Assembly repealing its operations by Adams Oshiomhole for reasons best known to him, which certainly fell short of popular evaluation of Edo south oil resources (which is the fulcrum of Edo State capital and recurrent expenditures); and the population indices which places Edo south senatorial district well above other districts put together.

Osaigbokan accused the former governor of closing down the College of Education, Ekiadolor, the College of Agriculture Iguorhiakhi and the State School of Nursing in order to promote Edo University, Iyamoh.

"As a Governor, we write you as one that is in charge of the three senatorial districts; not as a Governor of Edo South extraction at all. We are approaching you as a people who are heavily laden with a deluge of depression arising from a seeming anti-Edo South policy against hitherto thriving academic centres – College of Education Ekiadolor; College of Agriculture Iguorhiakhi; and the State School of Nursing Benin – all of these have been allegedly sacrificed for the Edo University –Iyamoh at the expense of logic and due-recompense for Edo South whose oil and gas resources are daily explored for the benefit of the ‘whole’ State.

"We are enlightened as a matter of that the proposed Tayo Akpata University planned to replace College of Education premises by your predecessor was a smokescreen aimed at denying Edo South of its statutory host community of one of the oldest Colleges of Education, College of Agriculture and State School of Nursing, with a view to transplanting same to the Edo University Iyamoh – because, the proposed University was not designed to exist.

"How else should we substantiate this popular notion, unless of course to remind you as you very well know that the Edo University –Iyamoh that was conceived at the same time with the Tayo Akpata University is a world-class citadel of learning in its 300 levels program; while the so-called Taya Akpata is yet to be certified by the Nigerian University Commission for formal existence; and bad enough, your administration is seemingly bent on killing the College of Education- Ekiadolor despite pleas by well-meaning stakeholders that you kindly consider relocating the College to Abudu to further its corporate existence.


The group warned that "As a sociocultural organization, we can authoritatively inform you that the growing depression of Benin's over their well-informed belief of denials of concrete structures of human capital development is a time bomb, and make no mistake about its brute expressions in form of mass protests against your government perceived insensitivity to our peoples' plight.

"The fate of thousands of employees of these comatose institutions and their primary and secondary beneficiaries is hanging in the ‘hangman stick’, and this is absolutely pathetic and sorrowful. We respectfully call for your intervention in order to reassure Benin's that the era of fair play is far away, after all."

NAIJA CENTER NEWS had reported that the institution is neither a college nor a university as the State government repeal the law establishing it after the upgrade even though there was no license to upgrade the purported University.

In July 2016, the Edo State government through the Ministry of Education wrote a letter to the college with the instruction to stop the admission into the NCE programs in order to phase it out since it had been upgraded to a University.

The Statement reads ” I am directed to inform you that with the upgrade of the College of Education, Ekiadolor to the status of a University, The Tayo Akpata University of Education, Ekiadolor can no longer continue to run NCE programmes. The government has, however, in consultation with the National Commission Colleges of Education (NCCE), agreed on a gradual phasing out of the programme. The implication of the above is that your College can no longer admit fresh students into the College. You are, therefore, advised to immediately commence the gradual phasing out of your programmes of NCE until the last student leaves the College.”

But The Chairman, Senior Staff Union, College of Education, Ekiadolor Comrade Ken Omoruyi told NAIJA CENTER NEWS that the College is at the risk of shutting down as the institution has not admitted students for two sessions.

He said: “As we speak the College is neither a University nor a College of Education. As there has been no admission into the College since the pronouncement of the University in 2014.

“Presently, the College has no year 1 and 2 students. The current year 3 students are leaving in a couple of months. With this development, the College stand at risk of being delisted by the regulatory body (NCCE). Secondly, the staff strength of over 600 is worried that without students they are at stake. As we speak, sir there is no trace of the University on the ground except the appointment of a VC and 5 man member of the governing council.

“We are earning salaries but the last was September. This is because the has no IGR to augment government subvention. There is no college because the Law establishing it has been repealed by the Edo State House of Assembly. The University as we know has no licence to operate for now”

A Benin based group, Edo Forum of Patriots had written a letter to Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki, in January to save the College of Education, Ekiadolor from extinction.

The Letter which was obtained by NAIJA CENTER NEWS urged the governor to correct the abnormality surrounding the transition of the purported University.

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