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Fighter jets? Yeezus Christmas, Kanye! Get the skinny on Kanye West and Kim’s insane wedding plans.

By Jessica Sager

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had one of the most elaborate proposals ever, so if you think for one second that this kouple will have anything less than an extremely extravagant wedding, you clearly haven’t been keeping up with the Kardashians. Here’s what you can expect from the big day, said to be next summer … and almost entirely planned by Yeezus himself.

Kim will take the name “West.”
Kanye West: The Making Of A Groomzilla?Of course, she’s going to make it “Kardashian West,” because, well, she’s a Kardashian. Maybe she’s taking a cue from lil sis Khloe Kardashian Odom. (Well, she’s Odom for now. But that’s another blog!) She explained, “You really have a sense of family, especially with us having our daughter, and our relationship has been best friends and we’ve known each other for so long that our relationship has always been amazing. But I think it’s gotten so much better after we had our daughter and just since we’ve been together for almost two years now.”

K.K. will probably have most expensive gown imaginable.
Designer Rachel Roy said flat out that West is more than capable of designing his baby mama’s bridal gown on his own, but if he hires out? Don’t expect to see anything like it at David’s Bridal.

The guest list will have roughly as many stars as the Milky Way galaxy.
Beyonce and Jay-z are Kanye West’s besties—and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

The rings will be ridiculous … and probably last minute.
Just think of the effort he put into the engagement rock, then multiply that by two. “She knew I was eventually going to ask her to marry me, I just had to get that ring right,” West confessed of his huge sparkler for his wife-to-be. “I worked with four different jewelers. Three rings were made, and only one actually hit the finger. … I actually changed the ring the night before. That ring was less than four hours old when I gave it to her.”

No matter what, Ye won’t be 100 percent satisfied with the end result.
He pulled off the biggest stunt proposal ever, but gripes, “I was nervous a little bit, about everything happening exactly on cue. They didn’t have the lights exactly like how I wanted.” Don’t worry, Kanye—with a ring like that, the light was going to dance all around the stadium anyway.

It’s going to be pretty fly … literally.
When asked what his wedding is going to include, West replied, “Two words: Fighter jets.” Yeezus Christmas!

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