Michael Jackson’s Death Was More Than Case Of Overdose, Says LA Detectives

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The detectives in Los Angeles, who investigated the death of Michael Jackson, have revealed that the late King of Pop’s death was more than a case propofol overdose.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Propofol is an intravenous drug used commonly for the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia.

According to a report in The SUN, ‘Killing Michael Jackson’, a new documentary backed by graphic evidence and previously undisclosed details of his death, revealed that the iconic singer wasn’t being helped to fall asleep with the fatal dose anaesthesia that killed him.

Orlando Martinez; Dan Myers; and Scott Smith, the detectives, who led Jackson’s death probe, also revealed the contents of the singer’s “makeshift medical suite”, a room wherein the singer spent his final hours.

According to them, Conrad Murray’s drug-filled bag was found in Jackson’s room which was cluttered with “drugs and syringes” at the time of his death.

“Sometime during this medical emergency, Dr Murray had stopped either giving CPR or had waited to give CPR and cleaned up everything. Within 48 hours, it appeared that it was a suspicious death in that there was something more than just an overdose,” they said.

“The room where he was being treated, did not seem like a room fit for any type of medical treatment. It was like a home, a makeshift medical suite. It was just bare bones. We found a bunch of more medicines that were used, like propofol.”

Scott Smith, in the discovery, also recounted his encountering “an IV stand, a saline bag and just various medications are strewn about.”

“We found all the waste, all the trash. The needles, the empty bottles, the stuff that, when we went into the room, should have been laying there,” he said.

The documentary, which features vivid photographs from inside Jackson’s room and his personal physician’s belongings, would be aired on Quest Red TV on June 22, 2019.

Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication in 2009, at his Los Angeles home, while still under the care of Murray, his personal doctor. It was revealed that he had dubbed the deadly painkiller his “milk”.

Murray, on the other hand, served a four years jail sentence for involuntary manslaughter from 2009 to 2013.

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