Peter of Psquare says he's ill, cancels concert

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The news that Peter is gravely unwell and seeking medical treatment has devastated fans of the superstar music brothers PSquare.

The musician rushed to Instagram to post a photo of himself receiving drips and relaxing in preparation for his recovery.

Peter revealed that he has been dealing with health concerns and that his physicians have ordered him to rest, necessitating the postponement of their December 18, 2021, concert to Christmas Day.

He also confirmed that he and his brother Paul would put on electrifying performances on Christmas Day, despite his COVID-19 status being negative.

"We were very excited about giving you an amazing show on the 18th; unfortunately, my body has taken quite a beating with several intense rehearsals back to back and studio that it just couldn't take it anymore, and I have had to give in to Dr's orders to get some rest, build back my strength to get to optimum health," Peter stated.

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