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NECKTIES say a lot about one’s fashion taste, identity and class. For some men who have been able to create a fashion statement with neckties, it is a must-fashion accessory. It can be used both as casual and serious wear.

But it is certainly not for everyone. Some men look better than others with neckties.

At the same time, most men would look trendy when wearing a good necktie, especially when the colour combination is right.

Only a few men know how to pick or wear a solid necktie. The secret is to wear your necktie in such a way that it has a little bulge at the point where it rests on your neck.

Although bow neckties are the raves of the moment, long neckties are certain to make a return soon. They certainly cannot go out of fashion.

Bow tie rules

BOW TIE can prep up any outfit, if worn rightly with colours and patterns. You can pair it up with an elegant slim-cut suit, be it corporate affair or an evening out. Even a tailored blazer is apt for the look.

But make sure that it’s not overdone with other accessories like pocket squares and so on.

The basic rule of wearing a bow tie is to sync the colours with that of your outfit.

Your bow tie should not be so bright that it would distract people from your face. It should only

emphasize your style, not overshadow your outlook.

They can be dark and muted or a bit on a fancy note as the occasion demands. But still, stay away from loud colours.

For evening formal wear, your best bet would surely be a white or black satin self tie.

For daytime (informal) wear, opt for ties fashioned out of fabrics with texture, such as flannel, suiting wools, hopsack, selvage denim, straight cotton, seersucker and madras. They are supposed to be patterned to avoid looking like formal wear substitutes

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