Rock slim jeans in new way

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It is so interesting the various ways you could wear your jeans. Jeans has come a long way and it seems to have come to stay too. It is no longer just a casual outfit as it can be combined with other clothes.

A new way to wear your jeans now in vogue is with African fabrics, especially ankara tops. As more creative designs are done with the African prints, there are more choices for tops and shirts for your jeans depending on the occasion.

Stylish ways to pair jeans with shoes Boot

If you like to tuck your jeans into boots, a slim-cut pair stays comfortably in place

Wedge it

Go for a narrow rolled-up cuff with ankle boots.

Pump it up

The hem should just barely touch the shoes when you pair jeans with heels (pumps).

Style and comfort

Let the hem of your jeans break over a flat shoe for a leg-lengthening look.

How to rock jeans

A long-sleeve shirt tucked in on a straight jean with a pencil-heel shoe would not be bad for corporate look, especially when you want to appear smart.

Office on Thursday: A smart shirt on a straight jean is a good idea when the rush of the week is dying and when you want to free yourself from the Monday to Wednesday’s suit.

Saturday is usually a day to look forward to. You just want to look your own style. Even if you have to go to the office on Saturday, make your outfit different from what it has always been. Fly your shirt on your jeans. You wouldn’t be fired for it. It’s weekend.

Friday special: For most people, Friday is the favourite day of the week to show off the latest traditional attire. Do it; it is not pride; you deserve it. It is just once in a week.

Sunday impression: Whatever you wear, make sure that Sunday should be cool. You could make that simple, cool statement with your jeans.

First date: For most girls, their first date does not mean much to them. Don’t try to impress him with your looks on your first date. Just be simple and let him find out the rest.

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