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Actress Bimbo Thomas:”My Oranges {Boobs } Are Better Than Cossy’s Own” ||

ranges”ter, Cossy Orjiakor now has a new competitor in actress Bimbo Thomas who claims her “oranges” are firmer and bigger than Cossy’s own which has lots of stretch marks and are slack. Here is what she said
“I like flaunting my “oranges” because they are firm and I have no single stretch mark on my “oranges”. But some ladies like Cossy still flaunt flabby ones that have stretch marks. Don’t they know that stretch marks are not meant to be displayed? Some ladies flaunt cleavage that stretch marks have finished and the “orange” has gotten back to where it was formed. It’s not worth it. Such a cleavage can’t be sexy.” I am sure Cossy will not take this lying low. I see a breast competition coming soon. Let us start here and judge who has the bigger “orange” between them?

Cossy Orjiakor


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