Apostle Suleman blows hot, dares blogger to reveal identity after sexual allegations

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Apostle Johnson Suleman, a well-known cleric, has asked the blogger who accused him of being a devil worshipper and engaging in adulterous relationships with several Nollywood actresses to come up and reveal his/her identity.

This comes after the blogger alleged that Stephanie Otobo, a pastor formerly involved in a sex controversy with a Canadian woman, is a fetish.

The blogger said that Halima Abubakar, an actress, had an unidentified illness after sleeping with the man of God, and she had spent millions of naira looking for a remedy.

In a cryptic Instagram post, Halima appeared to confirm the accusation, warning that the "nation will scatter" if she fully shared what actually transpired.

Following the commotion surrounding the claim, the blogger continued to charge the pastor with having multiple affairs with different Nollywood actresses.

A lengthy list of domestic and international actresses who had reportedly had sexual connections with the cleric was also made public.

The story has since been refuted by some of the actresses, including Georgina Onuoha and Queen Nwokoye.

In a sermon he delivered during a crusade, Apostle Suleman has since addressed the accusation. He referred to the anonymous blogger as a "fool" and urged them to come out if they had the guts.

He claimed that when he saw the list of actresses who he was accused of having relations with, he questioned how one man could have had relationships with each of them.

The actor was referring to some of the actresses who had occasionally visited his church and said that he couldn't deny his "children."

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