Fashion Company attacks Mercy Aigbe over uncredited display of its work

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By Vanessa Enofe

Mercy Aigbe Gentry is in the news for not giving credit to the designer of the Ankara shirt she wore in a picture she shared on instagram yesterday .

The designer,  has threatened to get back her shirt since the actress can't give her due credits for her work. According to the company, Phoonmy Afrika claimed that they made efforts to reach out to the actress but instead of resolving the issue with them, decided to block their posts, previous comments and gave credit to an unknown designer with no affiliation to the company.

Mercy Aigbe
Mercy Aigbe

Expressing their grievances on Instagram, Phoonmy Afrika writes "As someone who had worked behind the camera in the Nigeria entertainment industry popularly known as Nollywood and now a fashion designer, i picked an interest in two Nollywood starts: Mercy Aigbe and Jumoke Odetola for two different reasons but as the Yoruba adage says: Isunmoni la nmo ise eni. On a closer look you get to know that these people are not what they portrayed.

"Jumoke Odetola in her case lived up to standard as we approached her to flaunt one of our designs on social media, she responsibly did as agreed and even advertised our company to a few friends while Mercy Aigbe on the other hand collected the sewn garment, wore it to occasions, flaunted it on IG and refused to tag our company which was the gentleman agreement we had.

"The problem here is not the fact that Mercy did tag us but her mannerisms when we approached her. Mercy slyly responded well to our chat saying she would do a "rerock" and tag us but immediately blocked our comments on our post then blocked us on instagram. we put a call through to Jumoke who acted as our link to Mercy tried to pacify the situation but another conversation with Jumoke's manager spurred our anger.

"According to Mr Abiodun Jimoh, on telling Mercy Aigbe that she shouldn't have worn the clothes since she knew she wouldn't give the Company that gave her the garment the credit, Mercy had replied that she has worn it and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

"When we sent a message through Mr. Jimoh that we would like to have our garment back, Mercy said they can come and pick it, she later said no! she would not give it back.

The big question are? Did Mercy believe we gave her our clothes as Charity? Is she from a motherless baby's home? Does she feel so untouchable because she is a cheap star that she is? Does she by anyway know with hom she is dealing with? Things are about to get messy with Mercy and she should be ready for us because if we have to rip our clothes off her skin, we will... just to have it back."

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Responding to the accusation, the Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe claimed that the clothes was given to her as a gift by a colleague in the industry, Jumoke Odetola.

Mercy stressed that she was never told to give credit to any Fashion designer since it was gifted to her.

She writes "My attention as been drawn to a particular story trending, regarding this shirt, please i will like to state categorically that i don't know the said designer, i never agreed to tag her and she didn't give me the shirt. The shirt was given to me by Jumoke Odetola as a birthday gift and when she dropped the shirt at my office, she never mentioned the designer and didn't tell me to tag anyone.. "


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