Fuel Scarcity: I’ll marry any man that provides me with Fuel – Singer, Waje

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Aituaje Iruobe, better known as Waje, a Nigerian musician, has stated that she is willing to marry any man who provides her petrol.

This comes as a result of the country’s gasoline shortage, which has resulted in long lines at filling stations and higher transit fares.

On Friday, March 4, Waje posted on all of her social media platforms that she is willing to marry any man who brings her family as little as 25 litres of petrol.

Waje wrote, “For those asking for my hand in marriage, the most important item on the list is 100 litres of Fuel. I can manage 50. In short, my family will accept 25 sef.

“Even if you did not ask, because of Fuel (what you have in your hand! Holy!), you’ll gain a God-fearing, demon chasing, heaven awaiting spouse.”

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