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Great White Shark — Captured on Drone Cam … Swimming with Crazy Stand Up Paddlers!!

Two stand up paddleboarders got a toothy surprise off an L.A. area beach … when a freakin’ GREAT WHITE SHARK swam right up next to them — and TMZ has some sick drone cam footage!

It all went down Monday in the water off Manhattan Beach. Photographer Bo Bridges was in the water with a couple of buddies when they noticed they had company … in the form of a baby great white.

Bo tells TMZ he went back to shore to launch his drone cam … while his 2 buddies made the questionable choice to stay in the water.

In the video you can see the shark — which they estimate to be around 6 feet — is only 100 yards or so from the very popular beach.

Bo spends a ton of time in the water shooting for Bo Bridges Gallery … and says it’s pretty common to see baby great whites this time of year. Still … baby sharks have teeth.

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