Homeless People In New York Are More Than Those In Lagos - Imoh Umoren, People react

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Imoh Umoren, a Nigerian filmmaker, has moved to social media to share his observations from his many journeys overseas.

He claims to have seen more homeless persons in New York than he has in Lagos. He claimed that this is due to the fact that poverty exists everywhere.

Actress Beverly Naya responded by saying that living in a shanty abroad is considered being homeless, but she refuted his claim that there are more homeless people abroad.

Others were unhinged, stating that it is sometimes better to live as homeless in New York than in a "shanty town" in Nigeria. They claim that the homeless in NY has better chances of making it than in Lagos, where chances are slim.

Umoren was recently in the news, where he suggested that people who cheat on their relationships wear protection at the very least.

Cheating partners, he claims, should protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases for the benefit of their partners, as it would be unjust to break someone's heart while simultaneously infecting them with a disease.

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