How Gospel Singer Sammie Okposo Told Me To Terminate Pregnancy (Full Gist) - Lady speaks on scandal

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Sammie Okposo, a Nigerian gospel singer, has been accused of impregnating a woman in the United States and telling her to abort the child.

During an interview with Obodo Oyinbo TV, the lady named African Doll described how she and the artist met, how they played around, and his reaction to her getting ready.

They met after she attended a number of his gigs in Texas, held in one of the churches near her home. She went on to say that they then began following each other on Instagram, started speaking and eventually swapped phone numbers.

She further stated that they remained in contact and later asked her to his hotel room. They lingered, and she stayed until his protocol team picked him up the following day.

They stayed in touch after he returned to Nigeria, and he invited her to another event, and things progressed from there. Despite sleeping with each other on multiple occasions, the lady was keen to point out that they weren't dating and that they were just friends getting to know one another.

African Doll was asked if she was aware that Okposo was married. She claims they never really talked about it, and she didn't look into it because she was simply living in the moment. She went on to say that the gospel singer was someone she admired and had listened to for many years.

African Doll further stated that Okposo personally invited her to events and hung out with her on multiple occasions and that she could not claim she was unaware he was married.

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