How I cheated on my husband in the US – Korra Obidi spills secrets

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Korra Obidi, a Nigerian singer and dancer, admitted to cheating on her estranged husband, Justin Dean before they married.

In a live video session, the mother of two revealed this alongside her sister, Nancy Umeh.

Korra denied being a serial cheater and stated that it was a one-time affair while also alleging that her husband has an 18-year-old mistress.

“Now that you’ve heard one side of the story, it’s time to hear the other side.” I’m not a serial cheater; in fact, I’m far from it. I’m just a wife that kept her word to her husband.

“Umm before I came to America, it was during the Trump’s tenure, I was very indecisive about moving, and I tasted from Pandora’s box; I had an affair. That affair lasted like one date, I feel bad about it, but I had not moved to America.

“Upon getting to America, I was very, very sad that I had made that mistake with the guy. I told him the truth; I said, “Hey, I had an affair in Nigeria, and I don’t want us to ever have secrets,” Korra Obidi stated.

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