How I was Diagnosed With Infertility, Yet Healed Supernaturally – Laurie Idahosa

Female preacher Laurie Idahosa has spoken out on how God miraculously restored her health and ultimately healed her from different health challenges she encountered earlier in life.

Laurie expressed her gratitude to God on her Instagram page. She stated that she was born cross-eyed, but God straightened them out.

She now has three children but revealed that her kidney was totally dead at a point in her life.

She said God restored it, and when she was diagnosed with infertility and no hope, God blessed her with three children.

In her words,
“Today, I’m grateful for God healing my body. Did you know that I was cross-eyed as a child? God miraculously healed my eyes and straightened them out. I had a part of my kidney that had died. God restored it. I was diagnosed with infertility, and God gave me three children, naturally conceived.

“The list goes on and on. I look back and think, ‘what if God had not intervened as He did. How would my life have been?’

“Today, I am grateful that God still heals and that He has miraculously healed me over and over again.

I am grateful for the influence God has given to me and the access I have to speak into many lives. I don’t take this for granted.

I am grateful that our three sons are excellent communicators. They have learned how to have those uncomfortable conversations and have developed a keen sense of trust in us that whatever they tell us, we will sort out together.

“They are such amazing young men. I’m so proud of them and grateful that God allowed me to be their Mom.”

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