How my stepfather sexually abused me - Temmie Ovwasa, says she will not bury her mother

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Temmie Ovwasa, also known as YBNL Princess, a Nigerian musician, has spoken out about how her stepfather sexually molested her as a youngster.

In a series of Twitter conversations, the eccentric singer claimed that her stepfather had canal knowledge of her from the age of 11 until the age of 17.

She claims she has wanted to tell the story for a long time but has been waiting for her mother to pass away to avoid humiliation.

Temmie also said that her stepfather exposed facts of her mother's discovery of abuse in a dairy, despite staying in the marriage.

The artist, whose mother is a minister, professed her love for her but also stated her inability to trust her.

"I was sexually abused by my stepfather from age 11 to 17, he groped me, and wrote about it in his dairy, which my mother found, My first experience with being called mentally unstable after sharing a story was with my mother (which is why you stupid internet trolls don't faze me.

"After my mother found out, she said it was "just anal", according to his dairy, Meaning that it wasn't such a big deal since I wasn't "penetrated" I know through and through what a predator looks like, thinks like, I know they never believe they've done anything wrong

This started a cycle in my life of people calling me mentally unstable, mad, depressed because I was actually, I cut myself for years, in and out of psychosis, and you know the best part, Every time I had an opinion about what her husband did, My Mother would say it's psychosis.

"No, I'm only telling this story because I'm genuinely in a better place, and I don't want your support or pity; a lot of you fuckers are just as guilty. My mother is a pastor, and she believes deep in her heart that she's a good person; I love her to bits.

"But I don't trust the woman that birthed me; She has stayed with her husband even despite the fact that I have not returned home for almost 10years."

Temmie Ovwasa further stated that even though she loves her mother, other children will bury her as she will not put dust to dust.

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