I almost ran mad when my wife got pregnant for another man - Ghanaian TV star

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Claudio Wonder Magis, a divorced Ghanaian cosmetologist, has described the incident that led to his divorce.

After his wife cheated on him with another man and became pregnant with the same man, the reality TV personality revealed that he broke his marriage with her.

Magis, who later found love on Date Rush, admitted that the experience caused him to become depressed.

Claudio believes she fell pregnant with the same man she had cheated on, further complicating an already difficult situation.

"I was a victim in my own home. I gave up on love. My ex-wife cheated and had a pregnancy out of it. Until it hit me, I didn't know depression was real. One day, I was waiting for a vehicle to knock me down.

"I nearly ended my life. Ladies, you might think you are not affecting men with your decisions, but we are affected. We are tough outside yet so weak within," he said.

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