'I spent 45 million on our wedding': How our marriage ended 5 months later - Thompson, as Sandra Iheuwa reacts

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Sandra Iheuwa has reacted subtly to her former husband Steve Thompson's announcement that their marriage had ended 5 months after they married.

Mr Thompson had previously stated that he spent 45 million Naira on Sandra's wedding only to realize that she "married for social media, not for the home."

He revealed on his social media page that Sandra fights everyone, including his family members, and that she constantly reminds him that she is an American and that he married her solely to obtain a "Green Card."

Sandra's "too much usage of social media" has caused him to believe that his marriage can no longer function. He also stated that no male would be able to marry her.

He said that she threatened that if he ended relations, she would destroy his reputation on blogs because she knows bloggers. He further added that she leaves their house in a condition of disarray.

She responded by posting on her Instagram profile hours after her estranged husband's social media outburst, claiming she wanted corn and pear. She went on to say that she is experiencing pregnant hormones.

"na pregnancy hormones I get I no kill a person".

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