Kanayo O Kanayo rains curses; says certain people will die in 1 week

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Kanayo O. Kanayo, a veteran Nigerian actor, has cursed whoever started spreading reports that he was dead.

In a video posted to his verified Instagram page, the actor stated that someone had taken his images, wrote "RIP" on them, and then put them online, leading people to believe he was dead.

Kanayo vowed that whatever the troll had desired for him would befall him in the following seven days, as he pondered why some people had developed the practice of wishing disaster upon artists and entertainers without regard for the fact that they have a life and a family as well.

An angry Kanayo stated that the person who started the rumour "Will not live past the next 7 days."

You think because you have access to social media, you can publish ANYTHING. Adieu to you", he added.

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